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Rock band "Safeword" performs. 

Great Wolf Tattoo and Backdoor Upstairs will come together to host a concert at Great Wolf Tattoo on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. with a $5 entrance at the door.

Great Wolf host shows to give Greenville a platform to perform metal and hardcore music but is often limited because of the lack of metal venues around the town according to Samantha Strano, a body piercer at Great Wolf.

“The only actual goal we have by hosting these bands and shows is to just give them a space and hopefully make a difference in this town to show that there’s more to Greenville than what they offer,” Strano said.

When picking bands to perform at Great Wolf, Strano said that they normally look for local bands or any touring band that will be close in the Greenville area and book them for the night and give anyone an opportunity to come out and perform.

“The shows are always a good time, between the music and just the people who come to watch. Every kind of music deserves a chance and we’re just trying to give the community a venue to play,” Strano said.

The bands performing in the concert will include Pathogenesis from North Carolina’s triangle area, Voltage Divider from Greenville and The Wind In The Trees from Baltimore, Maryland.

The Wind In The Trees is currently on their first tour promoting their full-length album titled “A gift of bricks from the sky” which was released in 2019 according to guitarist, Dave Gill. Gill said the band’s performance is a spectacle, very wild and all over the stage and describes the music as grindcore, which is really noisy, screaming, angry music.

“We’re basically just really loud and our music is very chaotic. We really just trying to be as loud as possible,” Gill said.

Gill said the band has a friend named Daris King, a worker for Backdoor Upstairs, who helped booked them a show in Greenville as one of their tour stops. The band’s goal is to try and perform in front of as many new faces as possible during their tour.

“We’re excited to see friends on the way down there (Greenville) and we’re always interested in playing in tattoo shops like a preview place for us,” Gill said.

King said Backdoor often host DIY or nonprofit shows but since Greenville has crackdown on live music, it’s been hard for the venue to put on shows more often.

King also said Greenville had a pretty good music scene in the past which ebb and flows and in the late 90s and early 2000s, the punk scene was thriving. Often if a band was coming from New York to Florida, North Carolina was the halfway point but the punk music scene soon took a hit.

“There are places that are springing up hoping to do shows and hoping to go through everything to get the permits and stuff so that they don’t get shut down. You know that’s going to help revitalize the scene,” King said. “You know, one band or one place can’t (help revitalize the scene). I mean it helps but like the scene is everybody.”

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