Drink Up

A grapefruit supcrush available at SupDogs. 

Drink One: Scullery Spritzer Lemon and Basil Soda

Location: The Scullery

Price: Small $3.75, Large $4.50

Description: Featuring slices of fresh lemon and crushed basil leaves, the Scullery Lemon and Basil Soda is the ideal summer fresher. Not too overpowering, you would expect this flavorful soda to hit your mouth straight with basil— but to your surprise, the ingredients are perfectly balanced with a pleasant fizzy touch.

Student Discount/Specials: 10% off with valid student ID

Drink Two: Pink Dragon

Location: Fresh Vibes

Price: 16 oz $7.25, 24 oz $8.25, Add Ins $0.75

Description: With fresh apple juice, pineapple, strawberries and pitaya, this dairy-free and plant-based smoothie is the perfect healthy treat for those warm weather days. Not too sweet, the Pink Dragon eliminates that artificial smoothie taste with hints of tang from the pineapple and the added touch of flax seeds.

Student Discount/Specials: Product specials vary by month

Drink Three: GrapeFruit Sup Crush

Location: Sup Dogs

Price: 17oz Custom Sup Dog Cup $6.00

Description: Half freshly squeezed grapefruit juice with a dash of Sierra Mist blends together over grapefruit infused vodka to produce the Greenville infamous Grapefruit Sup Crush. Alone grapefruit might not be your go-to fruit, but with the airiness of Sierra Mist, this unfavorable food can find a place in your heart complemented with Russian Dew.

Student Discount/Specials: Mug Night Mondays for discounted beer on tap

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