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The Greenville Museum of Art.

Uptown Greenvilles monthly First Friday Art Walk at Emerge Art Gallery tomorrow at 5 p.m. featuring “A City At Work” a photography collection celebrating Greenville employees has been canceled due to Hurricane Dorian.

An announcement was made on the Uptown Greenville Facebook page Thursday afternoon and declared the First Friday Artwalk along with Pirate football pregame, Freeboot Friday, will be canceled due to extreme incoming weather conditions.

“Uptown Greenville has cancelled the first Freeboot Friday of the year, originally scheduled for Friday, September 6. Additionally, the First Friday Art Walk is also cancelled,” according to the Uptown Greenville Facebook page.

Marketing assistant for Emerge Art Gallery, Rakia Jackson, said the art walk is meant to shine a light on artists and their crafts be that painters, photographers, sculptors and even bakers.

While the art walk’s main events will take place on the first Friday of every month, tomorrow’s previously planned exhibition and those to follow will stay open for much longer than exhibits in the past, according to Jackson.

“This way the community has time to see an exhibition and see what’s going on. You wouldn’t want to see amazing art for one day and not be able to show a friend two days later,” Jackson said.

The art walk is a celebration for artists and a chance for them to show the world the things they have experienced and seen through a medium that is unique to them. The connections made here are the most organic and beautiful thing that occurs, according to Jackson.

“This (“A City At Work”) is a photography exhibition by Aaron Hines celebrating Greenville and City Employees,” Jackson said. “Aaron Hines has really captured the beauty of our city and behind the scenes of City Employees and how hard they work to keep Greenville thriving.”

Hines, who is the communication specialist for the City of Greenville, will bring the public’s attention to a group of people who work hard for us, but often go unnoticed.

“We’re trying to bring attention to our employees who often go unnoticed, and certainly go unappreciated oftentimes,” Hines said. “The exhibition came about because we want to utilize all of these photos that we have in our collection to highlight what we do on a day to day basis in a more public way.”

Hines said he is excited to work with the City of Greenville to bring attention to the hard workers in our city, and to entice people in our community to take on a new interest in our city’s government. Showing photos of employees in their day to day jobs is a way to humanize them, and give a face to those who do so much for us, according to Hines.

Educator and performer with the Martin County Ramblers, Justin Edwards, expressed his excitement to perform for the first time at the First Friday Art Walk before he was informed about the events cancellation.

Local to Bear Grass, NC, the Martin County Ramblers have never performed at the art walk before, so they are interested in seeing a new venue as well as what Greenville has to offer with its art walk. They received the invitation and they readily agreed, according to Edwards.

“We haven’t really done a lot of unplugged playing, and we haven’t played a lot in Greenville, so we’re excited about that,” Edwards said. “Hopefully get a chance for people to hear some of our songs.”

More information on the cancellation and rescheduling of the First Friday Art Walk can be accessed on Uptown Greenvilles Facebook page and website.

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