Alice Osborn

Alice Osborn, a Raleigh-based retro country folk singer.

Raleigh based retro country folk artist Alice Osborn will perform Sunday night at 8 p.m. at Christy's Euro Pub and will represent American heroism with her latest released CD “Searching for Paradise.”

Starting her career as a published poet, book editor and coach, Osborn began the transition as musical artist in 2014 and started performing a few years later in 2016. Around the same time, her most recent poetry collection “Heroes without Capes” was published, which inspired her first collection of songs.

“I made songs from several of the poems in that book (‘Heroes without Capes’) and that started me off,” Osborn said. “Now I am writing songs that have no bases verse with poetry, so I am completely off on that end.”

Currently, Osborn is working her way into a new area and creating new works focused on what she calls the “ill fated” Donner Party. The artist said she has written four songs about the Donner Party from female points of view to represent the voices they weren't able to have during the tragedy.

“The women really couldn't make the decision, so the men made all the decisions that lead to the catastrophe, which was taking a shortcut which became a longcut,” Osborn said. “The women were what pulled everybody together.”

As president of the NC Songwriters’ Co-op, an organization that “assists new and established songwriters by providing a supportive environment, performance and networking opportunities, and resources for marketing and promotion,” according to its Facebook page, Osborn dedicates her time to helping North Carolina artist grow and make connections through the music community.

Event Coordinator for NC Songwriters Co-op, Kirk Ridge, said that Osborn has taken on a huge responsibility as president and describes her style of music and recent works as something that no one else is doing in the area.

“We are fortunate that she joined our board of directors. Over the last year she has taken on the responsibility and she is doing a wonderful job,” Ridge said. “I think what Alice is doing (with her music) is very interesting and completely unique, there are very few doing what Alice does...the nitch that she has found, that is more interesting, is to take these historical epics and translate them into song.”

Along with Ridge, Award-winning singer-songwriter and member of the Co-op, Leah Kaufman, has worked alongside Osborn in previous years and describes her as “one of the most hard-working musicians,” she has come to know.

“She works steadily on her guitar-playing, singing and writing, while maintaining a demanding schedule of performances,” Kaufman said. “In the three years that I’ve known her, Alice’s growth as a musician, singer, and performer is remarkable.”

This Sunday night will be the first performance Osborn will do at Christy's Euro Pub after reaching out to the general manager of the establishment, Taylor Johnson, according to Johnson herself.

Johnson said she agreed to Osborn’s request in order to bring a new style of music to their customers and the community of Greenville, as well as give a new artist the chance to perform.

“I very much like to give new artists the opportunity to perform at the pub. As a more intimate venue, it gives musicians the opportunity to play for a familiar crowd,” Johnson said.

Osborn’s performance at Christy's Euro Pub will run from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m. Sunday night with no cover charge. The pub will offer “american pub grub in a cozy hangout with craft brews and beer” and Osborn will have her latest CD, “Searching for Paradise” available for purchase after the performance.

For more details on Osborn and the work she has published, it is encouraged to visit her website.

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