Danielle Schmid is the Visual Arts Chief for The East Carolinian. Danielle’s Discover Weekly aims to provide a fresh playlist for readers to listen to throughout the week.

Red Roses by Lil Skies (ft. Landon Cube)

I know everyone already knows this song, but I can’t resist. The number five song this week, “Red Roses,” brings alternative rap influences and a bass boosted beat that incorporates traditional Asian sounds. Lil Skies, a 19-year-old rapper, has already made multiple appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 with hits like “Nowadays.” Both videos have more than 50 million views each on YouTube, the tracks, which are from his first major label mixtape published weeks ago in January, “Life of a Dark Rose,” proves it was a success. While I’m not giving Lil Skies anywhere close to the amount of credit he deserves, it should say a lot that he’s even on my playlist with this track considering I’m usually not one to post popular hits. In reality though, Lil Skies probably isn’t the only guy with tattoos on his face that will make me do things I usually wouldn’t do. 

Outside Today by YoungBoy Never Broke Again

YoungBoy Never Broke Again, also known as NBA YoungBoy, recently released a track, “Outside Today.” The track captures YoungBoy’s savage personality and will be featured on his upcoming album, “Until Death Calls My Name.” “Outside Today” brings catchy hardcore lyrics and vocals that somewhat resembles Young Thug’s. 18-year-old YoungBoy brings lyrics such as, “we gon’ do a drive by in the Wraith.” Since the young rapper has been in jail for attempted murder, these lyrics tend to be a little sketchy, but hey, at least he’s “Never Broke Again,” as of right now.

Dogg by Yo Gotti and Mike WiLL Made-It

This ultimate hype, bass happy, electric beat brought to you by my favorite hip hop producer, Mike WiLL Made-It, brings escalating stokes and cocky feel good vibes. “Dogg” features unique sounds and even expressive political frustrations in a real yet humorous way. Mike WiLL Made-It, known for his unique beats, drops some quality, high tempo, EDM-inspired beats while rapper, Yo Gotti, brings the fast paced catchy lyrics such as, “I’m your rappers favorite rapper and the trappers love me,” and, “always had the fast cars / always end up crashin.”

Last to Leave by Louis The Child (ft. Caroline Ailin)

Coming in at number two, the single, “Last to Leave,” brings flirty lyrics, sweet wide range vocals and unexpected suspenseful drops created by some of the youngest and most dominate in the EDM game, Louis The Child. The DJ duo displays smooth transitions and somehow blends tropical, house and trap sounds into the drop that leaves you on the edge of your seat. Norwegian singer Caroline Ailin brings the innocent yet sexual factor and, like many Norwegian artists, brings simplicity with a hint of mystery. Also, calling it now, between their artists, politics and economical choices, a Norwegian wave is coming within the next 10 years.

TTM by PnB Rock (ft. Wiz Khalifa and NGHTMRE)

The number one song of the week, “TTM,” brings a hype tropical experience and carefree vibes. This track off the appropriately titled album “Catch These Vibes” is brought to you by hip-hop artist, PnB Rock, and features an A-list rapper Wiz Khalifa, and a trap DJ familiar to Danielle’s Discover Weekly, NGHTMRE. “TTM,” meaning talk too much, explores a more modern reggae side of hip-hop while Khalifa jumps in adding a surprise factor and a little extra bass to the last half of the track. Also, just a note to anyone who keeps up with my playlist, NGHTMRE still isn’t my boyfriend but I’m still working on it.


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