Prudence Wright Holmes

Prudence Wright Holmes performs her one-woman show.

The one woman show “Hiding Anne Frank” by Prudence Wright Holmes will be performed tonight at 5 in the Jenkins Fine Arts Center Room 1220 and will be free to the general public.

Many may know the story of Anne Frank, but the story of Miep Gies, the founder of Frank’s diary and the woman who hid Frank and her family is the behind-the-pages story that will be revealed tonight.

Actress and author of “Hiding Anne Frank” Prudence Wright Holmes has performed in many notable movies such as both “Sister Act” movies with actress Whoopi Goldberg and “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” with James Franco and Liam Neeson. However, she explains that writing plays is her true passion, which led her to create the play.

“(I) create work for myself… I like doing solo shows about women I admire…I want them to know about her (Miep Gies), she’s a huge hero,” Holmes said.

Holmes also noted that Gies has been knighted by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, and the documentary “Remembering Anne Frank” adapted from the book she wrote bearing the same name has won an Oscar.

Professor and member of the Executive Board in the Gender Studies Program at East Carolina University, Sue Luddeke, said she has seen the performance during past showings and described the work as an incredibly emotionally moving piece.

“I saw the play a year ago and was so impressed with it, it is a very powerful, emotionally absorbing play and Prudence is a master storyteller and a talented character artist,” Luddeke said.

Luddeke, whom has been an important member in bringing this play to ECU explained that she focused on reaching out to Holmes and her play because it was something that brings cultural significance to the community.

“As an artist and a long time member of the executive committee of the Gender Studies program I do what I can to bring in art that carries a social and cultural significance,” Luddeke said.

She also said that she has been a fan of Holmes’ work since she met Holmes about seven years ago. She explains that once she saw her talent, she knew she wanted to bring her to ECU.

Luddeke wanted to share thanks and acknowledged The Women and Gender Office, Ledonia Wright Cultural Center, School of Art and Design, Gender Studies program and the Department of History for supporting bringing Holmes’ show to ECU.

Co-director of ECU’s Gender Studies Program, Cheryl Dudasik-Wiggs, describes Holmes play as an important work that keeps the story of the heroic Miep Gies alive.

“It (“Hiding Anne Frank”) is a powerful retelling of the heroic actions of Miep Gies, who risked her life to do the right thing,” Dudasik-Wiggs said. “For two years, she hid people in a Secret Annex and in her own home and after the Gestapo raided the annex and took the residents to concentration camps, Gies saved Anne’s precious diary for the world.”

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