Today's Natural Mom

Locally owned all-natural skin care company, Today's Natural Mom, is providing the Greenville community with environmentally conscious products while “reducing their eco-footprint.”

Founder and owner of Today’s Natural Mom, Ashley Licari, created her company shortly after reading the back of a packing label on one of her own skincare products back in 2013 when expecting her first child, according to Licari. Shocked to discover the harsh chemicals used on her own skin, she began to research alternatives.

“Research, I know that sounds simple, but I recognized a lot of names of things, I saw a lot of scientific terms, chemical terms for ingredients and some of it is natural and some of it is not,” Licari said. “So my first step was just research… and deciding what I was comfortable with putting on my kids and what I wasn't.”

Originally planning to start producing alternatives products for family, Licari then found herself expanding to outside customers after receiving positive feedback. After working towards the perfect recipes for her products, Licari said she officially decided to open up shop.

Now shipping to customers all over the United States, Licari has expanded her target audience to not only fellow mothers, but buyers of all ages. Trying to use all natural and organic ingredients as possible, Licari said her resources are both sustainable and simple.

“I try to make all my ingredients locally sustainably sourced as possible, I use a lot of shea butter and cocoa butter as bases… I use simple things like salt instead of chemical hardeners in soaps,” Licari said.

Offering a plethora of products on her website buyers have the ability to choose from an abundance of products such as pure castile soap, cleansing oil, beard and shaving kits, face masks all produced and packaged as environmentally friendly as possible.

“On the production side we try to use reusable rubber gloves instead of disposable ones that we can sanitize, we will pay a little bit extra for the raw ingredients to be purchased from a company that can package in glass or cardboard or some other compostable or easily recyclable products,” Licari said.

Besides her own website, Licari also sells her products on popular global marketplace, Etsy, and has received positive reviews from buyers across the United States. Recent buyer, Laura Michael, commented that when using Licari's dish soap bar, she was convinced she could continue to make the change to zero waste.

“I am slowly switching our home to be more zero waste. I tried this soap yesterday and it works great,” Micheal commented. “It's a great size that'll last a long time, pretty to look at and lathers great.”

Along with leaving a digital mark, Licari has partnered up with local businesses around Greenville such as health cafe Fresh Vibes and Happy Girls women's boutique. Founder of Fresh Vibes, Jessica Albea, said she first began her partnership with Licari after she approached her and offered complimentary samples.

“The first thing I liked was that they (Licari's products) were all natural, that there wasn't any toxic ingredients because at our house we only use natural products,” Albea said. “I was pleased that, number one, she was going to be a local person that I supported and that, number two, she also cared about what ingredients she was using.”

Additionally, Today's Natural Mom will prepare pop-up shops and booths at both markets and events around the area such as Farmville's Market On Main at the May Museum & Park hosted today at 4 p.m. and Oktoberfest 2019 hosted at the Pitt County Senior Center Sept. 28 at 9 a.m.

More information on Today's Natural Mom products and purchases can be made through their website.

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