Danielle Schmid is the Visual Arts Chief for The East Carolinian. Danielle’s Discover Weekly aims to provide a fresh playlist for readers to listen to throughout the week.

“Why?” by Bazzi

Starting off at number five, Bazzi serves up a sappy dramatic R&B single, “Why.” He shows off his cocky attitude with lyrics such as, “it’s like you’re dying to drive but you can’t find the keys,” and, “no reply to all your text, girl I do you mad cold.” This song is really just him questioning why his girl still loves him even though he’s a complete asshole to her. I’m usually not a fan of songs with such a message, however Bazzi brings very well thought-out lyrics that have a poetic flow. Also, I’m really just hoping I’m wrong about my interpretation of the lyrics and it’s more of him realizing he’s not the best person and how lucky he is to have her.

“Turn My Heart to Stone” by MØ

MØ, an artist familiar to the pop Electronic Dance Music world, mixes jazzy saxophone sounds and relatable lyrics with high-pitch vocals. When the chorus of this electro-jazz track hits, MØ transforms her raspy voice to an array of high pitches which paints a vivid picture in my head of her cringing considering the chorus lyrics, “I don’t really wanna talk about it.” These words being sung in such a high pitch brings a relatable factor because, admit it, we’ve all been in those situations where we’re really trying to be nice by simply saying we don’t want to talk about something and almost always our voices get higher. Also, with lyrics such as, “the higher you fly the higher you fall,” I’d advise not listening to this song on an airplane, as I am right now, because I’m not afraid to fly but that just put one hell of a thought in the back of my head.

“Body” by Loud Luxury (ft. brando)

The number three song, “Body,” is the ultimate feel good song of the week. This song not only brings a tropical summer vibe but with lyrics such as, “Hell nah been waiting too long, hell nah, I want that crew love,” but it also sends a wave of confidence the listeners way. This song never fails to stop building up and explores a sense of repetition that almost adds a sense of humor, giving it a feel good factor. Also, “Body” is another song I’d highly recommend not listening to on a plane due to compulsive urges to start dancing.

“Square One” by Grandtheft (ft. MAX)

“Square One” is a pop love song with haunting beats that compliment the lonesome romantic lyrics. Grand Theft, a DJ signed to DIPLO’s label, Decent, laid out the ultimate beat drop that brings emotional sensations to your body. Like, seriously, you could easily lose yourself to the passion of MAX’s voice and this song in general. MAX, an American pop singer who’s opened for acts such as Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy, brings a dreamy Liam Payne-like voice which is just naturally easy to listen to.

“Limelight” by Just a Gent (NGHTMRE remix)

The number one and most enchanting song of this week's Danielle’s Discover Weekly brings edgy romantic lyrics by Just a Gent and electro house beats by the North Carolina native, NGHTMRE. Before getting into detail, I want to shout out my best friend, Riley, for taking me to see my latest obsession and future boyfriend NGHTMRE. Seeing this song live was magical, Just a Gent and NGHTMRE provide the perfect mixture of savory and sweet when it comes to the mesmerizing voice and eye opening beats. This song is “The Notebook” of EDM, as it brings the perfect amount of romance and fantasy yet still lights the explosives which gives it the spontaneous factor.

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