This week's number one song is "Silence" by Marshmello and Khalid.

Danielle Schmid is an Arts & Entertainment reporter for The East Carolinian. Danielle’s Discover Weekly comes out on Monday’s, with a fresh playlist for readers to listen to throughout the week.

“Feel It” by JACKAL (feat. Anfa Rose)

The number five song this week was released April 2017 and was found on a Youtube page called “Unique Vibes” for a reason. This song gets more intense with every drop and dramatically ends with a simple fade. With about 100,000 views on Youtube, “Feel It” is definitely a song on the rise. This song makes its own rules with a mixture of R&B, house and hardcore electronic dance music. JACKAL is a producer that’s been in the game since 2013. The 23-year-old producer, originally from England, has over 95,000 followers on Soundcloud and has been dropping beats since he was seven.

 Listen to "Feel It" here.

“The Fast Life” by Keeping Secrets Feat. Michael Jagmin of A Skylit Drive

The number four spot this week shows off a modern pop-punk band Keeping Secrets. The band’s song “The Fast Life” sounds like a mixture of two of my middle school obsessions: Sleeping with Sirens and We the Kings. With lyrics such as, “you keep falling for the same white lies, so who’s the fool tonight,” this band has even mastered the dramatic pop-punk genre like old-school punk bands. This song was found on my favorite Youtube channel “We are Triumphant.” This channel focuses on finding underrated pop-punk or acoustic folk bands. Keeping Secrets announced their split in 2014 but then came back stronger than ever and released a new album “Say You Will Again” earlier this year.

Listen to "The Fast Life" here.

“Sunset Rollercoaster” by My Jinji

“Sunset Rollercoaster” is a song that was released a couple of decades late. This old timey song coming in at number three sounds like something I could have seen my grandparents dancing to at their prom. The chill-romantic style My Jinji uses has soft vocals and calming beats. I found this song randomly on Youtube and from past experience I have come to find that most songs with the word ‘sunset’ in the title are not going to disappoint. This chill song is by a band from Taiwan. The band is fairly new to the game but has started out strong with their first album “Bossa Nova.”

Listen to "Sunset Rollercoaster" here.

“Into Dust” by Paris Blohm (feat. Elle Vee)

The number two song this week is probably one of the hypest songs I’ve ever heard. With lyrics such as, “Put a glass box around her and she’ll break the grass” and “She’s like an animal/ It’s in her blood,” this song describes a women who can literally do anything and the female voice behind the song is even stronger than that. Ella Vee, the voice behind this song, is a soundcloud artist with less than three thousand followers on Soundcloud. The transitions in this song are dramatic with clean-house EDM beats. This song is motivational and absolutely flawless. The high note Vee hits during the chorus are mesmerizing and pull you in.

Listen to "Into Dust" here.

“Silence” by Marshmello (feat. Khalid)

When you put together the DJ of the summer, Marshmello, and the latest come up R&B artist Khalid, what do you get? You get the number one song of the week. The two young artists released “Silence” Aug. 11 and it has instantly become a hit in the EDM world. The 19-year-old singer Khalid, who has been featured as the number one song on a previous post with his hit “Winter,” is currently on his American Teen Tour and has been expanding his fan base more and more everyday. Marshmello hasn’t been doing too bad himself considering this year alone he has performed at festivals such as Reading Festival, Weekend Festival, Lake Festival, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza Paris and many more.

Listen to "Silence" here.

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