Neville's Quarter

Neville's Quarter duo, with members Brian Moyer and Lex Headley, performing. 

Chapel Hill based Folk duo, Neville’s Quarter, will be performing a free concert at Christy’s Euro Pub this Sunday at 8 p.m. with North Carolina songwriter, Chet Nichols.

Neville’s Quarter, which consists of Brian Moyer and Lex Headley, was created in 2016 when the pair met through their local church while singing in their choir and performing at music galas, Moyer said.

“We’re a duo. Lex plays guitar and I play the fiddle. We play Folk and Americana, and we write all of our own music,” Moyer said.

The duo has performed at various locations throughout North Carolina and currently have written around 50 songs, along with nine studio recordings according to Moyer.

At their shows, they often sing their own songs, but they also perform covers of songs from other artists, such as Bob Dylan. This will be the duo’s second performance in Greenville, Moyer said.

“We have played at Jarvis Bottle Shop, which is also owned by Christy’s. We played there once for one of their wine tasting nights. This will be our second time back in Greenville, and our first time at Christy’s,” Moyer said.

While this will be the first time that the duo performs with Nichols, they have played at the same venues before and are a part of the North Carolina Songwriters Co-op together, a nonprofit organization supporting North Carolina’s songwriters.

Moyer and Nichols became friends through Moyer’s Songwriter Circles, where local songwriters come together and share their music with one another. Moyer is looking forward to performing with Nichols for the first time, and coming back to perform in Greenville, Moyer said.

“We always love the adventure of going to a new place. That’s one of my favorite things about playing music. We get to visit all these places that we might not have visited otherwise. We love Chet’s music a lot. I’m looking forward to watching him play,” Moyer said.

Headley said that she started singing and playing music to meet other people with similar interests, which is how she and Moyer came to be in 2016 when they began playing together at their church’s music galas.

“The reason I played music in the first place was to play with other people, so it came naturally when I started playing with Brian. So, that’s how it happened. That’s why I play music, to play with other people, and I think Brian is probably the same way. When you find two people like that, it kind of just happens I guess,” Headley said.

Nichols, who attended East Carolina University before leaving to pursue his career in music, said that his music falls under the Americana genre and is a mix of Folk and Folk Rock. He has been playing music since around the age of 12, when he learned how to play the guitar, Nichols said.

“I learned how to play (guitar) but put it aside in high school. I came up here to college, went to East Carolina, and a bunch of my dorm mates played (music). We would sit around in the rooms and play, and that got me back into it. In fact, I quit school and went back home to play music,” Nichols said.

According to Nichols, this will be his first time performing at Christy’s, as well as with Neville’s Quarter, which he is looking forward to.

“I’m very excited. It’s fun when you pair with somebody else like that. I love doing my three-hour shows, but it’s fun to do shows with other people too. You get a chance to sit back and enjoy their music. I think it will be a great mix of music and a good night,” Nichols said.

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