Honors Talent Show

Honors College students Ben Estorge, Pranaya Pakala, and Aaron Johnson (left to right) sing in the talent show.

This past Friday, East Carolina University’s Honors College hosted its first ever talent show in Whirligig Theatre to showcase a variety of talents its students had to offer.

The show was hosted by sophomore hospitality management major and member of the Honors College Student Council (HCSC), Hailee Austin, and sophomore political science and security studies Major and HCSC programming coordinator and recruitment student, Maggie Baile. The show consisted of 10 performers with a range of acts including magic, slam poetry, dance and singing encompassed the show.

Sophomore communication major and the marketing chair of the HCSC, Ali White, explained that though this was the first year of the show, it has been in the works since last year. She said that the Honors College’s intentions with the show was to give its students a platform to show their creativity.

“One of the goals of the Honors College Student Council is supporting students in the best way that we can and a talent showcase gives them an opportunity to be creative on a public platform and I am so pleased with all of the talent I've seen from my fellow students,” White said.

Freshman biology and chemistry major, Amanda Poole, performed a singing duo with freshman speech and hearing sciences and Hispanic studies major Kathryn Fennie. The two sang a mashup piece by Sam Tsui between the songs “Let It Go” and “Let Her Go”. Fennie explained that she and Amanda have grown not only as friends, but also as singers because of the show.

“Over the short period of time that we’ve been practicing, I’ve already noticed that we’ve grown as singers,” Fennie said. “She taught me how to sing with more power and strength, and we worked creatively to create a mashup that we enjoyed.”

Poole commented on how they have bonded as friends and how she doesn’t share that bond with anyone else. The singer said that the show has also helped her gain confidence as a performer.

“I definitely think we’ve grown a lot closer as friends just because now we share this bond that I don’t really have with anyone else here, we both play music together, that’s a bond that has definitely grown closer,” Poole said. “Before this I wasn’t really confident in singing and playing the piano, working with her and having her say what sounds good and me telling her what sounds good, we built off each other and give each other more confidence.”

Some of the other acts included a rock band including students Stewart Walker, Cam Starrett, Grant Smith and Brody Wilhelmson, a comedic musical group with students Aaron Johnson, Pranaya Pakala and Ben Estorge and even a performance by Jessica Ruiz of “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion.

Poole explained that there are so many different talented students in the honors college and there are so many people that strived to create this show to showcase those talents. He said that Honors College student Noah Lee and members of the Honors College council McKenzie Shelton and Diane Majewski worked hard to make the show possible.

“There are so many talented students within the Honors College, whether that be academically, through research, with sports, artistically, or something else,” Poole said. “Noah Lee, McKenzie Shelton, Diane Majewski and the HCSC programming committee have been hard at work.”

White expressed that the HCSC plans to make this a recurring event within the Honors College.

“We'd like to get an established program for the Talent Showcase set up so that it can be a tradition within the Honors College” said White.

Any student wishing to know more about future events hosted by the Honors College can visit their Instagram, Twitter or website.

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