Danielle Schmid is the Visual Arts Chief for The East Carolinian. Danielle’s Discover Weekly aims to provide a fresh playlist for readers to listen to throughout the week.

“Want You Back” by 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer comes in hot at, you guessed it, number five with their latest single, “Want You Back.” The boy band who’s been M.I.A. the past couple years brings passionate lyrics, modern rock musical blends and mature vocals. With lyrics like, “you know every morning I wake up yeah, I still reach for you,” the group brings deep, simulating lyrics with hype catchy beats. Unlike many pop rock boy bands in today’s industry, 5SOS consists of five talented musicians that all play instruments. “Want You Back” is hitting charts and will definitely end up being a summer jam.

“Hey! We Ok” by NeverShoutNever

If you went to middle school you most likely know who NeverShoutNever is. If you don’t, can I just refresh your memory by singing, “I’m in trouble I’m an addict I’m addicted to this girl.” If that didn’t help then I guess everyone didn’t go through the phases I went through. Anyway, lead singer Chris Drew is back and unrecognizable with a deeper voice and bleach blonde hair. The 27-year-old singer has stayed consistent on Youtube with new covers often and brings retro pop rock vibes with the number four song “Hey! We Ok.” NeverShoutNever stays true to its roots with motivational lyrics such as, “we’re who we are so don't you think that you can call us freaks or geeks.”

“My Enemy” by CHVRCHES (feat. Matt Burninger)

A group I first found in my early high school days back when MTV played some fire tracks during Teen Wolf, CHVRCHES, brings its same trippy vibes and elaborate lyrics. The Scottish pop group demonstrate consistency and energy with lead singer Lauren Mayberry’s baby voice. “My Enemy” was released late February and has since already earned more than one million views on Youtube alone. Mayberry’s voice after Matt Burninger’s is explosive as their sounds connect throughout the song and flatter each other. “My Enemy” will be featured on the groups album, “Love Is Dead,” which is expected to be released in May.

“You Wonder with Me” by Nimino (feat. Dahlia)

This calming tropical song brings chill house beats, sweet ghostly vocals and serious feel good vibes. “You Wonder with Me” takes you on a ride through sweet simplicity and brings an unique factor. Between Dahlia’s soothing voice, the unfamiliar sounds and the high pitched piano notes, this song will turn heads. With just more than 900 views on Youtube, this song is definitely the most underrated song of the week. Nimino not only brings clean, tropical vibes to his music but he brings appealing, aesthetically pleasing album artwork. Not that that matters, but with music that good it’s nice to know the album cover alone grabs people’s attention.

“Better with You” by Jesse McCartney

I know we’re all excited about everyone’s first love, Jesse McCartney, performing at Barefoot on the Mall this year, so coming in at number one this week on Danielle’s Discover Weekly is our boy’s latest single, “Better with You.” This single brings Jesse’s high pitched vocals, an unexpected drop and even a little bit of a soft country flair towards the beginning. “Better With You” brings a more calm acoustic sound compared to Jesse’s older pop songs you probably haven’t heard of in years, such as “Leavin’,” “How Do You Sleep,” “Body Language” and “Shake.” Even though the 30-year-old singer has been laying low for the past ten years, the “Beautiful Soul” singer has received great feedback from East Carolina students about his upcoming performance next week.

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