The Martinsborough

NCEast Alliance will host a Sustainability in Manufacturing event for Craft Brewers tomorrow at The Martinsborough, beginning at 1 p.m. with registration and concluding at 4:40 p.m.

According to the NCEast Alliance press release, the event is open to current brewers and home brewers, as well as those interested in opening a brewery in the future and it will focus on 10 things a brewer can do to reduce their environmental footprint.

The event will kick off with a welcoming by Dr. Tarek Adbel Salem, Director of the ECU Center for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering, followed by a keynote address by Michael Regan, Secretary, NC Department of Environmental Quality and special guest Uli Bennewitz, according to the press release.

“Special Guest Uli Bennewitz, founder/owner of The Weeping Radish, North Carolina’s first craft brewer will address the gathering on his journey toward creating a sustainable farm-to-table restaurant and brewery,” the press release said.

The event is supported by North Carolina Brewer’s Guild and is free to Guild members and $20 for non-members, according to the press release

The event is a part of a series of sustainability workshops held by East Carolina University’s Center for Sustainability in Energy and Environmental Engineering in partnership with the NC Department of Environmental Quality and the NCEast Alliance, the press release said.

According to the press release, Trey Goodson, Director of Marketing and Communications for the NCEast Alliance, said that the event is being held to inform brewers on sustainability practices as well as inspire the establishment of breweries in other Eastern North Carolina communities.

“Additionally, we also hope to inspire interest in brewing for communities that do not currently have a brewery but would be a perfect location for one, such as Jacksonville, Havelock, and Goldsboro,” Goodson said in the release.

Speakers at the event include Jamie Ragan and Worley of NCDEQ, Ernie Swanson of Waste Reduction Partners, Attorney’s Amy P. Wang and Derek J. Allen from Ward and Smith and Alex Viva discussing the New Small Business Service Program from the SBTDC, the press release said.

According to the press release, the event’s speakers will be discussing sustainability practices brewers can take such as waste reduction, recycling, and legal issues. An after party, sponsored by Billy Beer of Greene County, North Carolina, will follow the event.

“Billy Beer will be releasing a new Watermelon Tart beer at the event and there will be a raw bar prepared by Chef Lucas Owens. Beers from Uptown Brewing Company will be paired with food items from the raw bar. All participants are encouraged to attend the reception as there will be two new beers released,” the press release said.

For more information on tickets and registration for tomorrow’s event, visit NCEast Alliance’s website.

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