William Seymour

William Seymour, the artist behind "Quicksand," in performance.

Greenville musician, William Seymour, collaborates with American blues band Lightnin’ Wells and The Still Shaker to host his “Quicksand” album release party this Saturday at 5 p.m. located at Christy's Euro Pub.

The event is open to the public, with no admission fee, according to Seymour. Attendants are invited to bring their own vinyl records to trade with one another during the event.

“Honestly, I’m excited about all of the good music that’s happening there as well as vendors, there’s some really cool vendors, and there’s going to be a vinyl swap,” Seymour said. “Other than me just selling my vinyl, other people are encouraged to just show up and bring their vinyl and they can trade it.”

Seymour said he hopes the promise of the debut for his album “Quicksand” on vinyl along with the music and collaborations lined up for the event will excite both his crowd of regulars and bring a possible new crowd back to Christy’s Euro Pub for a night of music and fun.

Lightnin’ Wells and The Still Shakers are both musicians he has kindled a friendly relationship with over the years having known them, and they have both accepted the offer to come perform at the vinyl debut at his personal request, according to Seymour.

Local musician, Lightnin’ Wells, performs mostly older traditional acoustic music from the last century, notably music from the 1920s. The band has been brought back to Christy’s Euro Pub as a favor to his old friend after exploring outside venues.

“I haven’t played Greenville a lot, I play out of town now. I lived here so long, I played here so long. In years past, I was like the only act who ever played at Christy’s Euro in years,” Wells said. “They used to think it was too small for people to play in, and now there’s a real lively music scene there.”

Wells said this show is a chance to come back to his home to play music with some friends in a place he hasn’t had a chance to play for a while. He hopes for a nice evening of music, and is coming to Christy’s to have a good show and support the local music scene.

William Smith, percussion for The Still Shakers, said they are a bluegrass band based native to the Greenville area who perform a traditional format, which collect as older songs that are in the public domain.

The members of The Still Shakers are close with Seymour and are gladly performing with him, according to Smith. Smith said he is even excited to perform with Lightnin’ Wells who he claims is a legend in the music scene in Greenville. He exclaimed he is most excited, though, to hear Seymour’s new music and new songs he has been writing.

“All of the different acts are pretty diverse,” Smith said. “We’ve attracted a pretty diverse group, I mean, like old people like us, but then very young people like us. A pretty diverse demographic are always interested in what we have to do.”

Along with the vinyl record that will be debuting on Saturday, Seymour’s music can be found on music platforms Spotify and Apple Music. More information on the event can be found on Facebook.

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