Thunderstruck is fronted by Lee Robinson playing the lead singer Brian Johnson, Jeff Young playing lead guitarist Angus Young, Paul Jacobs playing rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, Karrin Dalton playing bassist Cliff Williams, and George Onda playing drummer Phil Rudd.

This Saturday night, the tribute bands Thunderstruck and Nightrain with special guests Hayvyn will be coming to The State Theatre.

Jeff Young lead guitarist for Thunderstruck and rhythm guitarist for Nightrain will be performing with both bands Saturday night. Young will be performing with the AC/DC tribute band, Thunderstruck, as Angus Young. He will also play the rhythm guitarist, Izzy, for the Guns N’ Roses Tribute band, Nightrain.

Young said the concert at the State Theatre will be Thunderstruck’s second show with Nightrain. The band's last show with Nightrain was a few weeks ago at Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh. Young and Lee Robinson perform in both bands. Robinson performs as Brian Johnson in Thunderstruck and Axl Rose in Nightrain.

Young said he was in another AC/DC tribute band, High Voltage, with the current bass player, Karrin Dalton but the band disbanded. Young and Dalton decided to recruit singer Lee Robinson and rename the band Thunderstruck to have a “bigger and better name.” He said the band has been together for six years now.

Thunderstruck is fronted by Lee Robinson who plays lead singer Brian Johnson, Jeff Young playing lead guitarist Angus Young, Paul Jacobs playing rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, Karrin Dalton playing bassist Cliff Williams, and George Onda playing drummer Phil Rudd, Young said.

Young said the band wears the same outfits as AC/DC did while performing. He said he wears the schoolboy outfit Angus Young wore when performing with AC/DC.

“We try to faithfully reproduce the sound and energy of AC/DC. As well as the look and feel of going to an AC/DC concert,” Young said.

Some of the band's favorite AC/DC songs to cover are “Thunderstruck,” “Back in Black” and “You Shook Me All Night Long.”

“Those (songs) are always crowd favorites,” Young said.

Young said the lead singer of Thunderstruck and Nightrain, Lee Robinson, was one of four singers asked to audition to replace Brian Johnson when he had to quit touring with AC/DC due to hearing loss in 2015. Guns N Roses, Axl Rose was eventually selected to replace Johnson on the tour, Young said.

“Lee’s pretty awesome. He does a great job doing Axl Rose and he also does a great job fronting Thunderstruck,” Young said.

Nightrain’s current line up is about eight months old, Young said. The band was founded about eight years ago by John Bradford, who performs as Slash in Nightrain, Young said.

Nightrain is fronted by Lee Robinson who plays Axl Rose, John Bradford plays lead guitarist Slash, Jeff Young plays rhythm guitarist Izzy, Brian Rankin plays bassist Duff and Dee Williams plays drummer Stephen.

“John Bradford actually plays Slash. He’s the one. He doesn’t have to wear a wig or anything it’s pretty cool. He’s got the long, curly, black hair. Looks like Slash, plays like Slash,” Young said.

Young said he looks forward to “seeing the beautiful new theatre” because he’s heard lots of good things about The State Theatre. He said this will be the first time for both bands performing in Greenville, and he hopes to get a good turnout because the bands aren’t well known in the area.

“Hopefully we can get a good crowd, and it’s going to be a great night of that classic rock. There are people that love Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC, The State Theatre will be the place to be,” Young said.

Thunderstruck has played at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, which has the same owners as The State Theatre. Mark Thompson, co-owner of Lincoln Theatre and The State Theatre, said for tribute band shows they expect around 200 to 600 people to attend.

Since Nightrain will be performing with Thunderstruck, more people are expected to attend the show. Thompson said crowds love to see two tributes in one night.

“We had the band (Thunderstruck) in Raleigh too, and they do great in Raleigh (at the Lincoln Theatre), the GNR (Guns N Roses) tributes and AC/DC tributes always do really well for us, so we’d like to try it in Greenville too,” Thompson said.

Thompson said this is the first rock tribute they’ve brought to The State Theatre since opening earlier this year in January and he wants to see how the Greenville market responds to the show. If there's a good response, he said more rock bands will be brought to Greenville in the future.

Thompson said The State Theatre plans to be more diverse with their lineups in the fall by adding EDM and rock shows which will be announced soon.

Charles Gullette, an accountant at East Carolina University, said he has attended a Foo Fighters and Rage Against The Machine tribute concert at The State Theatre and enjoyed that shows which made him interested in going to this tribute concert.

Gullette said his son and some of his coworkers are going and he’s also trying to convince another coworker to go to the show. He said live music is an experience and these bands “are some of the best hard rock acts” in the past 20 or 30 years.

“I’m not a huge AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses fan but live music when done right is phenomenal so I have a lot of respect for those bands,” Gullette said. “So I said, I had such a good time at the other tribute concert why not go and give this a chance? So I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have a blast.”

Tickets can be purchased at The State Theatre's website ranging from $7 to $20. For more information about Thunderstruck, you can visit their Facebook or website. For more information about Nightrain, you can visit their Facebook or website.

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