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A Greenville based organization will set up shop this Saturday at NC Civil’s offices at 11 a.m. on West 5th Street and will give job opportunities to those in the area, with help from local agencies.

NC Civil, the non-profit community action group directed by Jermaine McNair, will host its annual “popup” market in West Greenville this upcoming weekend. The project is designed to “target areas of highest unemployment to remove employment barriers” and increase hiring opportunities, according to NC Civil’s website.

McNair, an East Carolina University graduate, started the organization in 2013 to bring about change in communities across North Carolina and help those on hard times get back on their feet by addressing employment disparity with initiatives such as the popup market.

“We try to address the resource gap in North Carolina, especially in areas where help is needed the most. This is our third popup of the season, where we will launch the Community Employment Pipeline,” McNair said.

The Community Pipeline is a new initiative designed to use the resources from different local agencies to help unemployed people find work.

Along with the Employment Pipeline, the market will also launch the Greenville VISTA Project which will serve as a cost-share grant between the local non-profits involved in providing employment opportunities.

McNair explained the rationale behind the project and what makes it unique from other non-profit groups.

“In high property areas, you’re gonna find all kinds of disparity. This project is different than your different non-profit approach. You notice the impact when you’re able to watch a platform grow and come up with innovative ways to develop our communities. For me, that’s why I got involved,” McNair said.

McNair said that NC Civil has affected the youth in the Greenville area, providing many with life changing opportunities with a plethora of people contacting them since the organization started in 2013.

The STRIVE program of Life of NC is one of the local organizations involved in the market, dedicated to training potential employees for job readiness. Peter Peedin, a coordinator with the group, went into detail on the role his agency plays in the community.

“Our role is to showcase our agency and raise funds for our job placement services. We’re trying to build this area back up, and the best way to do that is to help each other,” Peedin said.

Peedin also expressed his hope for what the Employment Pipeline can do for jobs in the Greenville area and what people can take from it.

“We want people to understand that they (the people of Greenville) can work and that no one is unemployable. We think that NC Civil is doing a great job in helping the community and giving people something to do that’s positive instead of negative,” Peedin said.

Deborah Savage, the event coordinator for the Pitt County AIDS Service Organization, also said she thinks that the event can inspire positive change in the community.

PICASO will also be a vendor at the market, providing education on how to stay safe sexually and prevent contraction of HIV/AIDS.

On the organization’s role in the event, Savage said that, “Education is the key, learning to educate can decrease your risk.”

Since opening in 1993, the goal of PICASO has shifted from case management to prevention. Savage also expressed optimism that Pitt County can improve on its AIDS prevention habits and move away from being one of the more at-risk counties in North Carolina when it comes to acquiring the disease.

“People can learn what their risk factors are sexually and how to maintain a negative status,” Savage said.

More information on the Popup market can be found on the NC Civil’s website.

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