Holiday sale

A hand-made mug designed to be sold at the holiday sale.

The East Carolina University Visual Arts Forum will hold its annual holiday sale and showcase fine art from the School of Art and Design today at noon until 8 p.m. in the Main Campus Student Center.

Visual Arts Forum Outreach Specialist, Sophia Ramirez Jaco, said the organization connects and manages the different art guilds within the fine arts at ECU. Each guild will have a section at the sale where many different members of that guild will have their work displayed, according to Ramirez.

The selection at this sale isn’t the only thing that makes it unique. Ramirez Jaco said it is the fact that it is by students for students that makes it different from other art or holiday sales.

“I feel like the uniqueness comes from it is just that person that’s sitting beside you in your English class or is just a fellow student that you’ve seen multiple times and just didn’t know they made work of this level,” Ramirez Jaco said. “I feel like it’s more personable than just a random like little pop-up that you’d find and if you do really like the piece there is a chance you will be able see it again or you’ll be able to actually be acquainted with the artist who made it.”

Senior illustration major Rebekah Ryan will sell her artwork in the show for the first time this year, but she has attended in the past. She said that she is excited to see what all of the other guilds have to offer and also to gain some professional experience for herself and the members of her guild.

“In a broader sense, selling your work can give upcoming artists the confidence to push on in pursuing a career in art. It's awesome to see the glow other students get when they sell a piece,” Ryan said. “The practice of printing, packaging, taking an inventory of your work and then the table setup, registration... it's really good real-world-working experience.”

She went on to say that so many guilds involved in the show there is a large variety of pieces to browse. She described the sale as being “kind of like an appetizer sampler at a restaurant… you get a little taste of everything.”

Junior ceramics and art education double major Rachel Breitinger will sell some of her ceramic pieces at the sale. She said that she looks forward to seeing all that the fine arts department has to offer while she expands her professional skills.

“It is exciting to get such a wide perspective of what is happening in the art building, as well as being able to sell some of my work. Sales like these not only will sell individual pieces of art, but can garner commissions and repeat patrons,” Bretitnger said. “Learning to make things to sell is imperative training for anyone who hopes to be a working artist.”

Ramirez Jaco said that people should come out the event to support ECU fine arts students who sometimes fade into the background, see what they are working on, and see how they are becoming professionals just as much as anyone in any other field.

“As art students we always get the, ‘Oh, you don’t put that much work into your assignments,’ or ‘You have more free time.’ You will tell by the sheer quality of the work that’s going to be presented at this sale that we put a lot of time and effort in our works,” Ramirez Jaco said.

The East Carolina University Visual Arts Forum will hold its annual holiday sale will include photo prints, stickers, buttons, shirts, scarves, hats, book marks, paintings, ceramics and more, according to Ramirez Jaco. The sale will be open from noon today until 6 p.m. on Saturday in the Main Campus Student Center. More information on the closing times for the sale can be found on the online ECU events calendar by clicking on today’s date.

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