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One of the pieces of art on display at the Greenville Museum of Art.

The Greenville Museum of Art will welcome YogiVibes into its gallery Saturday for a yoga session taught by instructor Frannie Ayers. The session will be held at 10:30 a.m. in Linda Adele Goodine’s “Blue Jackal Under the Tree” exhibit based around Indian culture.

Museum Executive Director, Trista Reis Porter, mentioned how the relationship came about between The Greenville Museum of Art and YogiVibes. She said YogiVies has been a partner with the museum in the past and she was happy they reached out once again to collaborate.

“Someone involved with the museum before I arrived here had approached YogiVibes originally…I got in touch with them again so we could start the partnership again,” Porter said.

They were excited to get to work again, and so were we.”

Porter also mentioned how well the current exhibit and the planned yoga sessions mix. The current exhibit at the museum is “Blue Jackal Under the Tree,” which focuses around Indian culture and how yoga originally stemmed from it.

Greenville museum of art office coordinator Erik Castillo has previously attended these sessions with YogiVibes, which began in 2018, and were restarted this fall. Castillo also attended sessions of yoga at his previous workplace, which helped him prepare more for these sessions.

“Art and yoga have a symbiotic relationship: art can be soothing and so can yoga. They work off each other really well,” Castillo said. “We get between five to ten people at these sessions, so it’s pretty small. They’re quite intimate classes, which makes them more enjoyable for everyone.”

The sessions in the galleries are held bimonthly, each second and fourth Saturday of the month. Porter said the classes are planned through early January 2020, with future session dates to be announced.

As for class fees, 50% toward the museum’s outreach programs throughout the Greenville community, which reaches out to citizens of all ages, according to Castillo.

“Our visual arts academy for elementary school students is supported by the class fees. We want to make the museum more accessible for families…we also do senior citizen outreach with Cypress Glen,” Castillo said. “The ultimate goal is to make art either free or affordable to the community and to widen our audience.”

The certified as a yoga instructor at this upcoming session, Frannie Ayers, mentioned how yoga helped her overcome anxiety and negative self-perception. Ayers said her goal is to help participants build a connect within themselves.

“I wanted to become a yoga teacher to help someone else experience the love and appreciation for this practice that I’ve learned to have,” Ayers said. “By learning to connect with my mind and my body, I was able to feel happy and stress free.”

The class is $20 and will take place from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Attendees can register in advance on the YogiVibes website.

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