Sugar Plum Pop-Up

Some artwork featured by the Sugar Plum Pop-Up.

The Greenville Museum of Art will hold its second annual Sugar Plum Pop-Up shop from 11 p.m. to 2 p.m on Saturday in its West Wing gallery.

Greenville Museum of Art Executive Director, Trista Reis Porter, said the shop will feature a variety of different wares including jewelry, hand-made soaps, ceramics and scarves. Porter said the shop will be a great place to get some holiday shopping done, while also supporting local artists.

The pop-up shop got its start when the museum’s previous director reached out to a local studio asking if they were interested in being a part of a holiday sale, according to Porter.

“So there’s a lot of holiday sales around, but a lot of the times they fill up pretty quick, there’s kind of a limited amount of space, so it kind of came about last minute last year,” Porter said. “It was sort of like oh it sounds like there is a desire for another holiday market since the other ones are filled up.”

Artist Darlene Williams will be selling pieces not only that she made, but also on behalf of several artists from the Open Door Arts Studio. The studio will be offering shibori dyed silk scarves, jewelry, and candles at its booth.

Williams said that she loves working with the Greenville Museum of Art where she teaches classes in addition to those she teaches at Open Door.

“It’s interesting work, its creative work. We generate a community in the creative arts, inclusion, which includes many different populations, and we have outreach.” Williams said. “(We are) keeping the community involved and in touch with what’s going on in our area in the arts, inviting the public to share our passion for the arts.”

East Carolina University Master of Fine Arts candidate in Metal Design Carolyn Buss will be selling production jewelry in the pop-up shop. The jewelry will include rings, earrings, necklaces and more out of metal and semi-precious stones. She said people who enjoy art and appreciate craft should come to the show to support local artists.

“People should come to see the work of artists and craftspeople in Greenville. It’s really important to support the local economy, especially now and especially in a town where we have four walmarts and it is easier to go buy a gift from Target,” Buss said.

Porter said that the Greenville Museum of Art is glad to get an opportunity to interface with the local arts community through this shop as well as get some new people into the museum.

“It (Sugar Plum Pop-Up) is a good way to see whatever exhibitions that we have on, so you can kind of do a two for one; come do your holiday shopping, see work by local artists, as well as see the exhibitions we have up,” Porter said.

More information on the Sugar Plum Pop-Up show can be found at The Greenville Museum of Art’s website under the events tab.

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