“Rich White Girl” by Mansionz

We’re going to start off the week a little slow with an odd acoustic single brought to us by the duo Mansionz. This duo consists of singers Blackbear and Mike Posner, and, if you’re wondering how you've never heard of this duo, join the club. The entertaining duo brings two interesting characters together and let me just say, it works. Between their smooth R&B voices and creative minds the two will definitely be popping out some hits here soon. “Rich White Girl” is a humorous song which jokingly points out issues you face when dating a “Rich White Girl.”

“Pray For Me” by The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar

With Kendrick Lamar and the Weeknd on the closing track of the “Black Panther” album, how could you not expect it to be the most popular song on the track list? The two bring the perfect combination of R&B and rap to this moderately hype, edgy track, and after being out for not even a month, “Pray For Me,” already has more than 17 million views. The Weeknd, of course, brings his bad boy persona with lyrics such as, “I'm always ready to take a life again/ You know I'll ride again,” while Kendrick Lamar brings humble lyrics such as, “I fight the world/ I fight you/ I fight myself/ I fight God/ just tell me how many burdens left.”

“Beam” by Petit Biscuit

This is not only the number three song of the week but it’s the song I didn’t know I needed until hearing it. Petit Biscuit, a French DJ and producer, brings a spiritual feel to this song by incorporating dramatic drops, violins and dreamy vibes. Petit Biscuit has always had his own distinct style of electronic dance music. His first recognizable hit, “Sunset Lover,” was released in 2014 when he was only 14 years old. The young genius brings a pretty house sound to his work and lays down beats that are extremely mature for the now 18-year-old. If you don’t know his name now, learn it. Petit Biscuit will be the most respectable artist in the EDM world within the next 20 years.

“Stay Alive” by Bexey and Fat Nick

“Stay Alive” is a party jam with a tropical-trap beat and vocals ranging from high to low pitch. I know a lot of people aren’t fans of this sad-boy rapper squad that’s been taking over the alternative rap world lately, but they bring lyrics that strap you in and take you for a ride on the emotional roller coaster of life. With this track, Bexey brings lyrics such as “Would you even cry for me? Because I would die for you,” and “Just look me in my eyes so I know it’s real/ Hypnotize my mind rearranging my world.” The way his tone changes when he sings this is chilling— you can feel the promise and passion in his voice. Even though this song brings sappy lyrics, the hype factor comes in the tempo and the high-pitched tropical beats. Last note, the fact that artists mention death so often in music has always interested me. It’s like artists are so intrigued by death they create these hits that will be around forever. Either that or these artists just know the ladies love when you mention you’d die for them, I guess.

“Shake It” by Ian Matthews

To end this extra-spunky playlist, I present to you this groovy hit from 1978. “Shake It” brings a sweet electric guitar solo to open the song, mesmerizing saxophone outbursts and discreetly sexual lyrics. This time period was dead smack in the middle of disco time, which made songs portray these fun, hip beats while still bringing respectful and youthful lyrics. This generation was known for the teens taking over. They were over the norms and rebelled. They wanted relatable, feel-good music and with lyrics such as, “It won’t last forever, but do it for worse or for better.” Singer Ian Matthews gave that era exactly what they wanted. I barely even know what Matthews looks like, but somehow I can just imagine him bopping around on stage, flipping his hair and winking at the ladies— such a carefree, lively environment I would have loved to experience. Final thoughts on this song: I’m highly disappointed I wasn’t introduced to this extra-sweet hit, or Ian Matthews in general, earlier. Not trying to be to blunt about it, but this is your fault grandma.

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Elaine Guill

This is so iconic. I really enjoyed this music. The wave of nostalgy hit me right there, and you can look here to see what I've made. My latest stories are more emotional and kind of old-fashioned.


It could actually be really refreshing when you listen to some oldies hits once in awhile. I have to dig up my old collections in the storage sometime to uncover what hidden gems I have got stashed somewhere.

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