Daughters for Dads is a non-profit organization aimed at providing support to local friends and families fighting cancer in Eastern NC, hosting its fifth annual Get Carded event tomorrow evening.

The Daughters for Dads organization will host its fifth annual Get Carded event at the Greenville Museum of Art tomorrow night at 7 p.m.

Women of the Greenville and surrounding communities are invited to come to the event with a $25 gift card to a local grocery store, gas station, etc., which will be used as their admission and enjoy a girls night with wine and appetizers, according to the event’s Facebook page.

“Daughters for Dads is a non-profit organization aimed at providing support to local friends and families fighting cancer in Eastern NC. Daughters for Dads mission is to help local friends and families who are fighting cancer. They provide a personal touch to each family they assist,” the organization’s official website says.

Allison Mallison, Andrea Dixon and Lisa Cartwright are the founders of Daughters for Dads, which is a non-profit 501C3 organization, according to the official website.

According to Mallison, Daughters for Dads has been an official non-profit for seven years now. Mallison, Dixon, who is also her sister, and Cartwright all lost their fathers to cancer about 10 years ago.

“Three ladies, myself included, my sister, and one of our really good friends started this non-profit organization after we all lost our dads to cancer about 10 years ago. We started this to give back to families that are going through what we went through,” Mallison said.

Daughters for Dads hosts various events throughout the year, their most popular being their Daddy Daughter dance which is held around Valentine’s Day at Rock Springs Center, and the Get Carded Girls Night Out, Mallison said.

According to Mallison, the Get Carded event is held to raise money for the local families Daughters for Dads are supporting, who are dealing with cancer in their family. The $25 grocery or gas gift cards, which serve as an entry fee, will be given back to these families throughout the year.

“The Get Carded event is a Girls Night Out type thing. Basically, it’s a night of appetizers and wine. We have a bunch of raffle items that local businesses have donated. It’s a hangout type of event,” Mallison said.

Mallison said that the event generally draws the same group of people each year, but those women also invite their other friends and family members to come along, where Mallison, Dixon and Cartwright get the opportunity to tell them about Daughters for Dads.

The Get Carded event is an easy way for members of the Greenville and surrounding community to give back to local families in need, Mallison said. She is aware that many people aren’t able to give a lot, but for Get Carded, all attendees have to do is pick up a $25 gift card on the way to the event, which helps support those families.

“It (the event) makes it easy for us, because we get all these requests for these things (food and gas gift cards). We want to make it personal, and we will make gift baskets for these families and put those gift cards in there,” Mallison said.

According to Mallison, it is just her, Dixon and Cartwright running the organization, and they all three work full-time jobs as well. No one gets paid, and all of their efforts are volunteer, so support from the community at the events is appreciated by the organization.

Mallison said Daughters for Dads will often pay for things like insurance, transportation to and from the hospital, food, cleaning and additional fees. She said they try to get to know each of the families they are helping on a personal level, so they can cater to their needs.

“All the money we raise goes back to local families. Just this week, we’ve had three requests just through Facebook from families who need extra help. Some don’t have insurance and the bills or piling up. Even if they need someone to come clean their house, due to them being busy with things like chemo and hospital visits, we will pay for that also,” Mallison said.

Mallison said those who attend the event often enjoy it, and continue to attend and bring friends each year. She said the people who attend are often members of the families they have helped.

Mallison said she believes Get Carded is a great way for people to get involved in the community while also getting to enjoy themselves while hanging out with their friends and meeting new people.

“It’s (Get Carded) a great way to get involved in the community. It’s a local charity, and it’s easy to see where our money goes. We always have people that we’ve helped who come to these events to tell how we have helped them. It’s also just a fun night out while giving back,” Mallison said.

Heather Stepp, an ECU alumna who has been a resident of Greenville for 26 years, said she has attended every Get Carded event the Daughters for Dads organization has held.

Stepp said this year, she plans on attending the event with her friends and her sisters and is looking forward to catching up with friends she hasn’t seen in a while. Additionally, she is looking forward to hearing new stories from Daughters for Dads.

“I have watched the organization (Daughters for Dads) from the very beginning when it first started, and I am just blown away with the growth and how it has impacted the lives of so many people,” Stepp said.

For more information on the Get Carded event, visit the event’s Facebook page. For more information on Daughters for Dads, visit the organization’s Facebook page or official website.

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