Danielle Schmid is the Visual Arts Chief for The East Carolinian. Danielle’s Discover Weekly aims to provide a fresh playlist for readers to listen to throughout the week.

“Pretty Girl” by Maggie Lindemann (Cheat Codes x Cade remix)

Maggie Lindemann, a 19-year-old American artist, brings motivational lyrics and ‘don’t underestimate me’ vibes with her single, “Pretty Girl.” Compared to the original more calm, relaxed version of this single, Cheat Codes and Cade brought this single back to life in 2017 by coming in with faster more attractive beats while keeping the same “girl power” lyrics. Remixes are my favorite because of this exact reason. It’s like listening to a new song you already know the words to and there’s something really comforting about that. I see this song bringing motivation to young women all over the world and will definitely be featured in a few sorority recruitment videos.

“Tequila” by Dan and Shay

“Tequila” was introduced to me by the arts and entertainment editor, now I’m not a country fan so never did I ever think a song from this genre would end up on my weekly playlist, but new things happen every week on Danielle’s Discover Weekly so why not. It could be that this song really is that good, or it could just be my love and hate for tequila, either way, “Tequila,” by Dan and Shay, is a country song I can get behind. We all can relate to that feeling of tasting or smelling something and thinking of a moment or person immediately and that’s exactly what this song is about. Now, I’m not saying tequila is one of those smells, if anything when I smell tequila my nostalgic thought is not a good one. But anyway, between the pop country crossover beat and the sweet desperate lyrics, this song brings a vibe that makes me want to turn in my combat boots for some (fake) rattlesnake boots.

“I Know” by Aly and Aj

My favorite girls are back with a four-track album, 10 years. Aly and Aj, the majestic sister-duo, come in strong with their poetic lyrics and original Aly and AJ singer, songwriter sounds. The original hipsters of Disney Channel tone down their “Into the Rush” rockstar sounds for a more softer simpler pop alternative sound with this track, “I Know.” With lyrics like, “it’s your state of mind that’s bringing me down,” and “like the way you ride under the sun your light is fading out too soon,” the duo brings strength and knowledge.

“Time to Pretend” by MGMT

“Time to Pretend” is a timeless track that tells a carefree story about the group’s Austin Nichols-lifestyle. This oldie brings nostalgic lyrics and trippy sounds. With lyrics like, “this is our decision to live fast and die young,” MGMT, a psychedelic band, paints a picture of a beautiful life and expresses how fun of a life it’s living. With this track, the band brings elaborate high pitched spunky sounds and if you don’t know who MGMT is, I’d advise checking out this video. It is a true psychedelic band with visuals and effects that will leave you wondering what kind of drugs the members are on. 

“I Love You So” by The Walters

The number one song this week has a bright 80’s vibe with innocent expressions. It not only lightens spirits but it’s one of those songs that could bring closure and peace to an unsettled mind. “I Love You So” brings a sweet timeless voice and soft acoustic beats. This four-year-old song is the ultimate chill song and expresses indie romance. This track brings Maroon 5 mixed with The Paper Kite vibes which adds a pop, soft rock, folk combination. The Walters bring catchy lyrics and loops that makes you want to sing along. Also not meaning to burst your bubble if you end up really liking this song, but this band doesn’t make music together anymore. Good thing about that is though sometimes bands aren’t meant to continue, sometimes it’s better to quit while you’re ahead and move onto better things.

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Wonderful songs and videos! I've read about it in Edubirdie review.

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