Mark Griffin

Mark Griffin of the band The New Aquarian.

Event planning and venue booking company Spazz Presents will host a session of its Underground Series: The GRK Sessions on Saturday at 7 p.m. with eight artists that will perform in a private location, available by contacting Spazz Presents.

Solo artist Drunkle Stiltskin, also known as Braxton Sawyer, will perform at the event. His music set will consist of experimental noise and sub genre of EDM called “Happy Hardcore,” which reaches levels of 140-170 BPM.

Sawyer said that the GRK series will be up to the public to interpret and the goal is to provide a means of self expression.

“GRK is kind of an elusive thing, we let it mean what people want it to mean,” Sawyer said. “‘Get Ready Kasually’ is one meaning I choose to define it, we’re all about self-expression and making our events what you want them to be.”

Sawyer has worked with Spazz Presents before on many occasions and mentioned that it is a great opportunity for any budding artist. Mollie Davis, a member of experimental post punk rock band Voltage Divider, also has experience working with Spazz Presents and said that it has been a great opportunity for her group.

“Working with Spazz Presents is a great opportunity to get our foot in the door for the Greenville music scene,” Davis said.

Spazz Presents has been planning concerts and events in both Greenville and Philadelphia for over 15 years. Founded by Jeff Blinder in 2003 out of his living room, the aim of Spazz Presents is to bridge the gap between venues, management and artists, according to Blinder.

Blinder mentioned that while collaborating with GRK at this event, attendees should expect to hear music involving synthesizers, alto sax, throat singing, electronics, visceral noise and drums and bass.

“There is something beautiful about listening to an artist first starting out, in seeing their rise to something that other people will learn to love and admire too,” Blinder said. “The intimacy and artistry is unparalleled, and the folks that do seek out these types of events tend to show their appreciation tenfold.”

Joe Warren will also be performing a set at the GRK sessions. Performing under the name DJ Octus, he plans to play the drum and bass in a jungle music style. According to Warren, it is a style of electronic music that originated in the United Kingdom in the early 1990s.

This will be Warren’s first performance in partnership with GRK. The artist said GRK is about bringing a variety of underground music to the public.

“My favorite part of being on stage is when the crowd is vibing off my set and being a DJ is like being the conductor of a train- I’m trying to take the audience on a journey when I play… I’m always excited for every chance I get to share it with others,” Warren said.

The performance is free of charge and the location can be accessed by contacting Spazz Presents on Facebook or Instagram. Artists performing are primarily based in North Carolina, but two artists are commuting from Philadelphia. Donations are encouraged to support the performer’s travel costs.

“What keeps us all going is the hope that we can entice new people to join the music community in our town,” Blinder said. “It’s a novel concept, but one that is incredibly important…there are some incredible local artists that have the ability to do great things, but they also need a steady, supportive, semi-rabid fan base.”

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