Regular patrons enjoy their meals at The Scullery, a local restaurant.

The Scullery, a restaurant located at 431 Evans St., announced on its Facebook page earlier today around 2 p.m. that it will be closing its doors starting on Monday.

In its Facebook statement written by owners, Matt and Erin Scully, they stated that the business struggled every month and was paying last week's invoices with this week’s sales most of the time and it always worked for them because they knew their customers were going to come in the next day.

During the past two weeks in the midst of COVID-19 causing businesses and public areas to shut down to refrain from human contact, The Scullery was not able to keep up with its sales for them to go into survival mode for now.

“We will reopen as soon as we can, but we need to make smart decisions now to make that possible. The Stay At Home Order that goes into effect today has us thinking that we all need to stay home. The health and safety of our staff is more important than The Scullery. They are part of our family,” The Scullery said in its Facebook statement.

The Scullery mentioned in its statement that it will remain open this week to raise enough money to pay their employees and vendors and use up as much of its fresh products it can and encourage customers to order as much as they can. Customers are also able to call and purchase gift cards and can be mailed to them.

A GoFundMe was also created by a friend of The Scullery, Timothy Heinle, for supporters of the restaurant to help donate and raise money.

“We are not used to asking for help, especially when so many people need help. Our goal is to get to the other side of this and to be a force for good in this world. Be strong, we will be back soon. Peace, good health and love to you and yours,” the Facebook statement concluded.

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