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Chip Perry playing the guitar. 

Traditional country music group The Chip Perry Band will return to the Buccaneer Music Hall this Saturday at 9:30 p.m.

The Buccaneer is a favorite venue of the band, which has been performing since its founding by Chip Perry in 2012. Born into a farming family in Silk Hope, North Carolina, Perry started writing his own music at the age of 14, performing at local festivals with a friend before forming the band.

According to Perry, the band performs more traditional country music based on the “red dirt” style emerging from Texas and Oklahoma. He also says that his passion for music is what drove him to form the band.

“Music plays a huge role in my life. Most of everything I do revolves around it, since I’m a huge music fan on top of actually playing. I really enjoy searching for new music and artists I enjoy and sharing that with people,” Perry said.

Perry also had positive comments on his previous experiences playing in Greenville, highlighting the support displayed at each concert.

“Being a college town, it feels like people are open to new music and come out to hear originals which is great for us. It seems like each time we are in town, we see more and more familiar faces that have seen us there in the past,” Perry said.

The group released their debut album, “My Last Name” in 2018 and continue to perform 35 shows a year, mostly in North Carolina.

Bass player Jim Schavione attributes the band’s success to the close bond between the members, having come together through a Craigslist advertisement put out by Perry and a friend.

“Chip and a friend decided to form a band and put out an ad on Craigslist. I responded and I’ve been with the band since October 2012. It’s been an absolute treat. We’re as close as family as we can possibly get,” Schavione said.

Schavione also commented on the band’s affinity for the Buccaneer and the experiences the group has had while performing in Greenville.

“The Buc is one of the greatest places to play music. It’s very welcoming for musicians, the crowd is always good. I think we’ve played some of our best shows there,” Schavione said.

The Buccaneer has played host to several aspiring country artists, including Mikele Buck, who was a contestant on The Voice in 2018 and has also performed in Nashville. Manager Trey Wilders offered his statement on the atmosphere that the music hall aims to provide.

“We like to bring a country music environment to Greenville. We’ve had several aspiring acts come through and some have made it big,” Wilders said.

Wilders also commented on the Chip Perry Band’s success and the enthusiasm they’ve received since the group’s first performance at the Buccaneer.

“I love Chip and his guys, they’re one of my favorites for sure. We’ve had them several times and each time, they’ve put on a better show,” Wilders said.

Information on the concert and other upcoming shows can be found at the Chip Perry Band’s website.

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