The drumset player for Charm.

Management company Pinky Ring Presents will host a concert and feature rock bands Car Crash Star, Near Death Experience and Charm tonight at 9 at Whirligig Stage.

Pinky Ring Presents is an independent production, booking and management company created to organize underground music events in the Greenville area. The company focuses on pairing local Greenville acts with bands in surrounding areas which include Raleigh, Greensboro, Wilmington and Burlington, according to Jason Pagano, owner and operated of Pinky Ring Presents.

“When I put together a show, I like to bring a few bands from out of town to play with a local Greenville band,” Jason said. “The lineup for this show has a nice mix of musical genres that the audience should enjoy.”

Jason said he has been wanting to host an event at Whirligig Stage for awhile and that it is a fantastic venue located in the heart of downtown, close to campus and the revitalized art district. The concert will have concession and offer beer, wine, bottled water, and other non-alcoholic drinks, according to Jason.

Car Crash Star, a punk rock band from Raleigh, will headline the event with Greensboro garage rock band Charm following after. Local metal band Near Death Experience will perform for its first time after Car Crash Star and Charm at Whirligig Stage closing the event.

Salinger Pagano, bassist and vocals of Near Death Experience (NDE), said Whirligig Stage is a nice venue to perform at and that other venues, such as bars in Uptown like Trollingwood, are not very conducive for metal music.

“Whirligig is suitable for that type of music,” Salinger said. “I (sent a) direct message (to) a couple of bands to see who was available and what day to perform with us, so we set up the concert.”

Nicholas Futral, sophomore business major and guitarist for NDE, said the band has not played in Uptown Greenville yet and has only played at house parties or “DIY shows” in the area. The goal is for them to bring their music to the local scene and hopefully expose the area to metal and rock music.

“Our goal for this event is to really bring our music to downtown Greenville,” Futral said. “The (concert) is at a more prime location down by Pitt Street Brewery. That’s our main goal, is to attract as many people as we can.”

Jason said he hopes that Pinky Ring Presents will build a reputation for taking care of their artists and putting on quality shows and hopes the event will be a positive beginning to the company.

“Uptown Greenville is going through a huge revitalization and really trying to grow into a big city,” Jason said. “By having underground shows in downtown Greenville, you give the people of the area an avenue to see music they might otherwise have to drive all the way to Raleigh to see.”

Admission to the concert will be $5 at the door. There are $1 off discount fliers that will be available until later today given out by the members of Near Death Experience. Those who are unable to receive a flier can be requested one by messaging Pinky Ring Presents on Instagram or Facebook. Doors will open at 8:30 p.m. and the show will start at 9.

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