bonitas and bikes

Riverside Recreation LLC is hosting a guided Tandem bikes dinner tour along the Greenway with Villa Verde, located at 2601 E. 10th St., tonight from 6:30 to 8.

The series began on Monday, July 15, and will run until Wednesday, August 14, according to the event’s Facebook page.

Tickets can be bought online for $20 which includes one seat on the tandem bike, instructions on how to navigate the bike, a guided tour on the Greenway and dinner at Villa Verde after, the Facebook page said. The Greenway runs along the Tar River,

“We will meet at the Greenville Town Common parking lot for safety instruction and a review of the Greenway rules. We will then practice tandem biking skills with our partners before embarking on a guided bike tour down the Greenway,” the Facebook page said.

According to the Facebook page, the Greenville trail is approximately three miles long and ends right behind Villa Verde, which serves Dominican cuisine. The dinner reservations will be made prior to the tour, and dinner and drinks will be ready upon arrival.

There will be an abbreviated menu selection to choose from, and orders can be placed by calling Riverside Recreation at (252)-215-0878, or visiting their store at 817 Dickinson Ave. the Facebook page said.

“This tour is great for citizens who have never ridden the Greenway and are interested in seeing what it has to offer. Join us for good food, good fellowship, and a good time,” the Facebook page said.

According to Shavonne King Brumsey, the owner of Riverside Recreation LLC, the tour is “peaceful and scenic” and is great for couples or singles. She encourages smaller groups so those who go on the tour can meet and connect with others. She said the tour is additionally great for groups of friends.

Those who participate in the tour will meet at the Town Common bridge for a quick tandem bike lesson, review of greenway etiquette and general practice, and the guided tour will follow. After dinner at Villa Verde, those who participate in the tour will enjoy a bike ride back down the greenway to return to Town Common, Brumsey said.

“We are simply trying to create easy Recreation activities that will get people off their phones and making memories, connecting. The reason behind everything we do is found in our tagline: rested, replenished, reconnected. This is what we want everyone we serve to get out of each experience”

Bike tours will run Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:30 for the next four weeks, Brumsey said. She said Riverside Recreation LLC plans to partner with other interested local eateries in the future to support local small businesses.

Brumsey said that this event offers many different advantages for couples or just a pair or group of friends, as it offers an experience which will develop trust and communication. She said it gives participants a chance to practice team-building skills and work together.

“The experience can be challenging, but is fun, By the end of the tour, each person has accomplished something not as an individual, but as a team member. It guarantees conversation because after you get the hang of operating the tandem bike, you have the remainder of the tour to connect with the people you are touring with,” Brumsey said.

According to Brumsey, Riverside Recreation finds importance in making memories and reconnecting to loved ones, which participants on the tour will get the opportunity to do.

Brumsey said that the bike tour series is also important because it gives people a chance to be up and moving and get an exercise in while having fun.

“It won’t feel like a strenuous workout, but if done often, it helps to improve your overall health and well-being. Taking a break from the day-to-day and finding time to connect with people, and have a real conversation and experience the peace and beauty that the outdoors provides is good for the soul,” Brumsey said.

Brumsey said she hopes Riverside Recreation LLC can highlight the underutilized Greenway and Tar River, while supporting a great local eatery like Villa Verde with these bike tours. She said it’s affordable fun, and something everyone should try at least once.

Javon Brumsey, who additionally works at Riverside Recreation LLC, said the guided tour is a good way for people to enjoy the beauty the greenway provides for the community as well as exercising and connecting with your partner or friends.

“From my experience, there were laughs from my wife and I trying to get our timing together on when to pedal harder to make it up the hills and braking when going downhill. It’s definitely a great leg workout if that’s what you’re looking to do while bonding spouse or friend,” Javon said.

Javon said that Riverside Recreation LLC partnered up with Villa Verde to provide a hot meal and ice water for their participants to eat and drink when we arrive at the restaurant. He said that Villa Verde provides music and lights on the patio while their guests eat.

For more information on the Bonitas and Bikes series, visit the event’s Facebook page, or call Riverside Recreation LLC at (252)-215-0878 or visit their store at 817 Dickinson Ave. For ticket information, visit the webpage provided on the Facebook page.

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