Matty Klausser

Matty Klausser, guitarist and lead vocalist for Secret Nudist Friends.

Philadelphia native rock band, Secret Nudist Friends, will make their return to Greenville on Sunday at 8 p.m. and will host a concert free of charge located at Christy’s Euro Pub.

With Deb Gilmore on electric bass, Missy Pidgeon on the keyboard, Brian Hullihen on drums and lead vocalist and guitarist Matty Klausser, the group has performed in Uptown Greenville as recently as May at the Trollingwood Taproom as part of their recent “Shh” tour along the Eastern seaboard.

The band started in Brooklyn, New York, in 2016 as the result of a collection of songs by the founding members, according to Hullihen, which he explained “didn’t fit with other projects at the time.” He joined after responding to a Craigslist ad and auditioning.

“After I joined, we started collaborating and performing more between Brooklyn and Philadelphia. It came to a point where we felt we had a good thing going,” Hullihen said.

Following the addition of two more members to their lineup, Hullihen noted that “our sound has evolved to a more experimental psychedelic rock” and that their previous experiences in Greenville were “awesome to say the least.”

Local promoter and founder of Spazz Presents, the company who booked the venue for the performance, Jeff Blinder, described the bands sound as “psych-garage rock”. Blinder has expressed optimism over the band’s return to Greenville, citing their positive energy that they express through their music.

“They get the crowd dancing. One of the few bands that I’ve seen that really get the crowd to jam up to the front and dance along to their sound. Excited to see this at Christy’s because it’s an intimate place for bands to perform so that room is gonna be shaking their butts,” Blinder said.

Blinder was certain to note the band’s support for inclusiveness for all people in the Greenville community, particularly those that identify as LGBTQ. Blinder saids the show will provide inclusiveness and support to those who are openly queer or queer positive.

Manager of Christy’s Euro Pub, Taylor Johnson, also supports the band and their decision to use the venue, hoping to bring in new business.

“I think a lot of people are looking for avenues to see live music. A lot of these bands have followings that have never been to Christy’s and it allows for more business for us,” Johnson said.

Hullihen mentioned his appreciation for the Greenville area, and praised Uptown for its support and enthusiasm for fresh musical acts referring to the bands own experience with past performances in the area.

“There’s a solid community of local artists and musicians here, and people who just appreciate art,” Hullihen said. “I hope that it gets people out and together to support artistic expression in general, whether they just want to dance or just happen to be out or coming to support a friend.”

For more information on the event, the band encourages those who are interested to visit their Facebook page @SNFPhilly.

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