Johnny Pires, a Winston-Salem State University alum, is co-founder and manager for GoodStuff Juices.

GoodStuff Juices, a local vendor who has a weekly booth at Five Points Plaza’s Umbrella Market gives freshly made organic juices to Greenville’s summertime crowd.

2019 marks the juice company’s fifth year at the Umbrella Market in Uptown Greenville. The Umbrella Market spans throughout the summer on every Wednesday from 5 to 8 p.m. He said the company offers samples to those visiting the vendors and buy GoodStuff Juices in 16 ounce glass bottles. Bottles cost $10 for 16 ounces and are available in cases.

Johnny Pires, a Winston-Salem State University alum, is co-founder and manager for GoodStuff Juices, which is located in Greenville at 803 Moye Blvd. He said the juice company is founded on principles to give the public the most out of their fruits and vegetables.

Pires said GoodStuff Juices consists of authentic, cold-pressed juice made from whole fruits and vegetables, not pre-cut, no powders and no additives. The product lasts up to three days in the refrigerator. The company was founded in 2012 in Greenville and their store has been open for three years, he said.

“We don’t juice for shelf life, we juice for human consumption,” Pires said.

Pires said he began “juicing”, which is freshly squeezing fruits and vegetables to make juice, after having kidney stones and his health was suffering. He said he wasn’t taking pills or seeing any doctors, but he found out on YouTube how juicing can cure kidney stones. He said, by changing his diet, he had more energy and was no longer in pain from his prior condition.

Pires then brought the idea for the company up to a college friend whom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Once, Pires’s friends called him a “juicing fanatic” and said they were skeptical about it. One of Pires’s friends stopped taking the multiple sclerosis medication, started juicing, which seemed to work and made him feel more energized as well, according to Pires.

“Me and him (Pires’s college friend) would juice it up in our apartment and slowly, but surely, his friends came around about it as well,” Pires said. “It’s a true hidden knowledge.”

Pires initially began to sell their cold-pressed juices in farmers and vendors markets in 2012 when the business began. He said, once opening a storefront in Greenville, a local Raleigh store, Juicebar, closed when GoodStuff in Greenville started to gain more business. According to Pires, the store closing may be because GoodStuff was taking Juicebar’s business away.

Pires said he has a team of six people working at GoodStuff Juices and their factory, also owned by Pires, is located in Greenville as well. The store is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“It’s key that we don’t add any water and any additives versus the store-bought brands, so it (the process) doesn’t compromise the nutritional value so our juice is similar to juicing at home,” Pires said.

Pires said he hopes, in the future for Goodstuff Juices, the products will be made available to purchase on Amazon. He said, for now, the team is meeting their goals and expectations for the Greenville location.

Shareen DeNittis Berkowitz is a small business counselor in Greenville, and she praised the benefits of GoodStuff Juices.

“I love the owners. Good people, authentic, and know their stuff about juicing,” DeNittis Berkowitz said. “Can’t say enough ‘good stuff’”

Raleigh native Amanda Curran said she and a few friends attended Wednesday on the 19 Umbrella Market and visited the GoodStuff Juices stand.

“You could really taste the natural ingredients in his juices and I think it’s really unique that we have someone in Greenville that makes juice from scratch like that,” Curran said.

Customers can also purchase GoodStuff Juices online at their website. Shipping is accommodated to the continental United States. For more information on the Umbrella Market in Greenville, visit their website.

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