Wiliam Seymour

Seymour and his debut vinyl album, "Quicksand".

Being in the music business for over 6 years, William Seymour has continued his musical journey with his talents and the support of good friends.

Seymour is one of the popular performers of Christy’s Euro Pub along with Rebekah Todd once known as the Odyssey. They started their musical journey over 6 years ago and stayed together through the years to reshape themselves into the performers they are today.

Seymour performs singer-songwriter style music mixed with blues to create his own unique branding of music. The songwriter said he primarily writes the music that the band performs, but the group is also known for playing some popular covers in their style from time to time.

“Some of these songs are pretty old, I’ve written a couple of them right out of high school and I’ve been collecting them for years and years,” Seymour said. “Some of them are about life experiences, some of them are just about made up premises. Musically, it’s more blues inspired.”

Looking towards the future, Seymour is already planning on putting out two new singles and another album which he said is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2020. According to Seymour, he is looking forward to creating and releasing good music and touring it as much as possible. He is currently working on organizing a tour around the east coast region.

Acoustic traditional musician, Lightnin’ Wells, said he had heard of Seymour through the music scene in Greenville. Seymour was one of the other big names in the music scene who was active when Wells himself was still performing at Christy’s.

“He’s pretty visible, he’s played a lot more than other musicians in this area,” Wells said. “I talked to him before and it ends up I’ve met his dad. We went to the same high school.”

Seymour considers Lightnin’ Wells to be a good friend, and there is mutual respect on both sides as they both gear up to perform for the first time together at the Vinyl Debut Party of his latest album “Quicksand” at Christy’s Euro Pub.

William Smith, percussionist for The Still Shakers, said he has known Seymour for about a decade, and has been performing with him for most of that time. Over the course of the decade, they have become close friends.

“We (The Still Shakers) just really appreciate him, and we think he’s a wonderful musician. As far as all of the guys I’ve met from Greenville since I’ve lived here, he’s kind of like my favorite player guy,” Smith said. “He’s just a genuine musician, and he tries to support the music scene here, and I think that’s a pretty commendable thing to do.”

Smith said every single member of Seymour’s band is a top notch performer. Even though Seymour’s music is more mainstream than what The Still Shakers perform, he said Seymour’s music is very well composed, and it is the kind of music where you just have to dance.

All three bands will be coming together this Saturday at 5 p.m. at Christy's Euro Pub for Seymour’s vinyl debut album “Quicksand.”

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