Joanne Shaw Taylor, a blues and rock singer, released her sixth album this year, Reckless Heart. She will perform at The State Theater this Friday.

Joanne Shaw Taylor, a blues and rock singer, is scheduled to perform at the newly opened The State Theater this upcoming Friday evening at 8 p.m, and doors open at 7 p.m.

The general admission price for standing is $13, and $18 for general admission seating. For more information on the show, or buy tickets, visit The State Theater’s website or call (919)-828-4444.

Taylor will also be performing with Big Jim Kohler Band. For more information on Taylor or Big Jim Kohler Band, visit Taylor’s website and Kohler’s website.

Taylor was born in the Black Country of England in 1986, according to her official website. She was discovered at the age of 16 by Dave Stewart, co-founder of the music duo, the Eurythmics. She moved to Detroit, Michigan in 2009 to continue her growing career, where she met producer Al Sutton. Taylor and Sutton worked together for her album Reckless Heart, which came out earlier this year.

“Al’s always said that he wanted to make more of a live album with me. Why? Because that’s how he likes me, as a raw, aggressive guitarist,” according to a statement on Taylor’s website.

Reckless Heart is Taylor’s sixth album, following her previous 2016 album, Wild. Reckless Heart features 11 songs and was recorded at Rust Belt Studios in Detroit, Michigan, according to Rock and Blues Muse website.

“I’ve never had so much fun making an album,” Taylor said on her website. “I feel like I’ve reached a stage where I can stop worrying what people think. The older I get, the more comfortable I am with being open and honest. If I’m pissed off, I’ll say it. If I want to be flirty, I will.”

Most of the album is recorded live and features an unplugged solo performance. It’s a mix of vintage grooves, British-blues rock, intimate vocals and gritty soul, according to her website.

Big Jim Kohler Band, which consists of members Jim Kohler, Kathy Kohler, Chris Buttitta and Tom Parker, will be performing with Taylor. Jim Kohler, leader of the blues style band, has been active for nearly 30 years. He got his start in New York City and in Long Island, before moving to eastern North Carolina to continue his career, according to the band’s website.

Charles Gullette, who is a Bank Recon/Post Bond Compliance Accountant for ECU, said he heard about the concert through Facebook on The State Theater’s page. Gullette will be attending the show with his nine-year-old son, Charley.

“I started taking him (Charley) to concerts last year and he loves it. We have mostly been to metal shows, but I want him to be introduce(d) to as many genres as possible,” Gullette said. “In the last 6 months alone, he has seen Metallica, Insane Clown Posse, Breaking Benjamin, and Five Finger Death Punch. I can't wait to introduce him to the blues.”

Gullette said that he had not heard of Taylor until he learned of the concert through Facebook, but he decided to look her up and listen to a few of her songs. He “loved” her music and immediately bought tickets.

Gullette said he is a big fan of blues music, and he is always willing to attend and support a blues band when they come to Greenville. He is looking forward to supporting Taylor and The State Theater.

“'I’m just looking for a great time. I want to expose my son to a great female guitar singer. I feel that the blues is underrepresented by female figures, so this is a great opportunity to expose my son and I to a top notch female blues act,” Gullette said.

Tim Kirby, a resident of Elm City, North Carolina, will be attending the show with his wife Patricia while visiting his brother and son in Greenville. He said he heard about the show when he got email notifications from both The State Theater and Taylor.

Kirby said he was interested in the show after seeing Taylor perform at The Gray Eagle in Asheville, North Carolina last year. He enjoyed her music and thought that she was a “great guitarist.”

“I am a bluesman,” Kirby said. “I love playing and listening to the blues. Joanne Shaw Taylor is a prime example of the new era of female blues artists, in the mold of Bonnie Raitt.”

Kirby said he is looking forward to hearing Taylor perform songs from her album Reckless Heart live, and plans on taking advantage of The State Theater front row access.

Kirby has attended a few other shows at the venue as well, such as JJ Grey with Mofro and Southern Avenue, and Tab Benoit. He said he enjoys how close the theater is to his home.

“I love the blues and Joanne Shaw Taylor is an outstanding performer. I think people will be impressed by her guitar prowess and I guarantee that anyone that loves music will not be disappointed in this show,” Kirby said.

Kathy Dennis, a resident of Greenville for 40 years, is attending the show with her daughter, whom she enjoys introducing different genres of music to. She heard about Taylor’s show on The State Theater’s website.

Dennis said she is a fan of Taylor and blues music, and is looking forward to seeing the live performance. Dennis has also attended the JJ Grey with Southern Avenue and Tab Benoit shows at the venue.

“I love her (Taylor’s) voice, her energy and her talent. I love to support The State Theater, and live music. I'm so thankful we have this venue here and I plan on supporting it as well. Greenville is very lucky to have live music and great national bands here as well,” Dennis said.

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