Rivals, an indie rock group formed in August, members Nick Vines and Nathan Wilmot perform. 

Local music acts will come together to celebrate their roots at the Love Your City showcase which will take place at the State Theatre in Greenville tomorrow at 6:30p.m.

The showcase will feature five musical groups from the local area in a celebration of talent organized by the nonprofit booking agency, Spazz Presents. The intent is to highlight the diversity of music in Greenville and the surrounding area.

Groups involved in the showcase include August is Ours, The New Aquarians, Plain Jane and Rivals. The bands offer their own unique take on the alternative and indie rock genres.

Jeff Blinder, operator of Spazz Presents, offered his view on the showcase representing the area and the music scene within it.

“It’s a nice diverse mix of different genres, made up of a lot of local people. It should be a nice representation of what’s out there,” Blinder said.

Blinder, who has been booking musical acts in Greenville for 15 years, is excited to have the opportunity to book acts to perform at a big place like the State Theatre for the first time and having this access is a big deal.

According to Blinder, he approached the State Theatre with ideas for incorporating local talent with the venue, which ultimately led to the Love Your City showcase. He also made note of the buzz surrounding the showcase from the local community since its announcement.

“There’s a good buzz in the air. This could make a difference because it showcases the venue and the talent. It shows that they have a lot in Greenville to be proud of,” Blinder said.

While the community is enjoying its fair share of excitement, the bands involved in the showcase are eager to perform and show their talent.

Rivals, an indie rock group formed in August by longtime friends Nick Vines and Nathan Wilmot, have been performing shows in both Greenville and Chapel Hill. Vines explained the backstory behind the band and what makes the process of making music enjoyable.

“Growing up we would just mess around, playing music for fun and it just turned into something we both had a drive to do more than anything. We enjoy the process of everything that’s included in making music and the ability to share something you’ve created with people,” Vines said.

Vines also offered his opinion on the local music scene and how exciting it is to perform in a venue like the State Theatre.

“It’s always exciting for the scene when a venue this well known in the community hosts an event that showcases non cover bands and encourages the public to actually experience local bands pushing their own music,” Vines said.

According to Vines, Rivals has also collaborated with fellow rock group The New Aquarian, who will also be performing in the showcase.

Parker Millar, the slide guitarist for the New Aquarian, commented on how Spazz Presents has been influential in the Greenville music scene.

“Jeff has been bringing quality acts to Greenville for over a decade and the State Theatre is the venue that should be hosting the bands Spazz Presents brings in,” Millar said.

Millar also spoke on what events such as the Love Your City showcase can do for the local venues.

“Establishing that the local music scene has a viable draw at a large venue will hopefully pave the way for local acts to be sourced as openers for national acts that come through town,” Millar said.

For more information on the Love Your City showcase, visit Facebook

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