Graduate fashion

Florals and fall-themed tops on display at Catalog Connection.

East Carolina University’s fall graduation is approaching on Dec. 13 at 9 a.m. in Minges Coliseum. This year’s fashion is expected to be trendy with pops of color and bold accessories.

Though there can be a dress underneath, most of the focus during the ceremony is on the shoes and accessories for both men and women, as mentioned by Tiffany Blanchflower a teaching assistant professor in interior design and merchandising. This could be some boots for women or a purple and gold tie for men.

“It’s really kind of interesting because you don’t know what they have on because of the cap and gown,” Tiffany Blanchflower said.

Of course there is the cap itself which students get to decorate for graduation. This is where they get to express more of themselves whether it’s displaying their major, honoring a family member, or just something funny and cute. Another factor to impact fashion choices is the location of ECU itself.

Blanchflower said when it comes to mens’ graduation fashion, the style comes off as more casual.

“Sometimes you’ll see sandals even though it is fall graduation or spring graduation, it’s because we’re closer to like the coastal community, you’ll see that which will be a little bit different,” Blanchflower said.

As for women most of their choices are on what’s trendy or fashionable at the time. This could also be influenced by the season whether or not they choose to wear something shorter or longer, or lots of color rather than white.

A great local boutique to check out for graduation attire would be Serendipity Boutique. They’re located on E Arlington Blvd and are open Monday thru Saturday. The boutique has great selections for just about anything and plenty of styles to choose from.

“For winter graduation the color is not as much of an issue, they will do just about any color. In the springtime people are definitely looking for white dresses,” Josie Harz, the owner of Serendipity Boutique said.

As for this season it’s still dresses but a lot of boots and earrings for women. They also will focus on their hair, nails and makeup to add to their graduation look, according to Harz.

“(They like) statement earrings because it really is all you see when you’re at graduation because of the graduation gown,” Harz said. “Trendy, big statement earrings are always a great piece.”

The earrings and shoes are the two biggest items for this year’s fall graduation it seems. This includes ties for men as well and the way women decide to style their hair, whether it’s curls or a full up-do at a local salon.

Another great boutique to check out Francesca’s located on Red Banks Rd. The shop has a variety of dresses, blouses, and even skirts to choose from. There’s also an accessory for every piece of clothing found.

“I’d say black would probably be the most popular option which we have in fit and flare dresses, rompers, midi dresses, and jumpsuits.,” Kimberly Morgan who’s a Boutique Team Leader at Francesca’s said.

The boutique has earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to pair with their clothing items, which is perfect for adding in a pop of color to a look. Earrings seem to be popular at Serendipity Boutique, but gift items are increasing in sales for Francesca’s.

“We carry more grad specific gifts around summer graduation but we have such a large assortment of gifts there’s always something to say ‘you did it!’,” Morgan said.

RSVP is still open for those who have applied to graduate on the ECU website. Students who are eligible to graduate this semester can also still apply through the Registrar’s Office.

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