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The 90’s themed prom is being held by the Greenville Jaycees to make residents of the Greenville community aware of the organizations ENC Stop Human Trafficking and the PCC to Stop Human Trafficking.

The Greenville Jaycees will be hosting their 80’s Baby 90’s Made Me Prom at Uptown Brewery Company this Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m. to benefit Eastern North Carolina (ENC) Stop Human Trafficking.

The 90’s themed prom is being held by the Greenville Jaycees to make residents of the Greenville community aware of the organizations ENC Stop Human Trafficking and the Pitt County Coalition (PCC) to Stop Human Trafficking, according to Jenkins.

Tickets for the event can be purchased on the Greenville Jaycee’s website for $15 and $20 at the door. The event will raise money for the two organizations and bring the community together, North Carolina Jaycees Eastern Regional Director, Jessica Jenkins said.

“We do encourage everyone attending the event to dress in accordance to the 90’s theme, but we're also thrilled to have people turn out in traditional modern prom attire. We'd love for people to really have fun with this theme and run with it,” Jenkins said.

The Corey Stuart Experience will be the entertainment of the night, performing live as well as playing 90’s hits. A dance contest will be held to determine the Prom King and Queen. Alcohol will be available for purchase through the brewery, Jenkins said.

According to Jenkins, this will be the first time the Greenville Jaycees have put on the event. The local organization, which is a branch of an international organization has been working to host more events to benefit local non-profit organizations.

“Our purpose is to help train and mold young adults into becoming leaders within their communities by putting on events like prom and raising money for local non-profit organizations,” Jenkins said. “We are planning this event because we believe that fundraising and giving back to the community should be fun and exciting.”

The Greenville Jaycees’ main events include Shuck N’ Pluck and Oktoberfest, as well as two upcoming events which will be held for the first time, including the 80’s Baby 90’s Made Me Prom and their Back to School Brewery Bonanza on August 17, benefiting the Humane Society of Eastern North Carolina, Jenkins said.

Jenkins said the Greenville Jaycee’s past events have been very successful and residents of the Greenville community have been supportive of the organization. She said she is looking forward to the turn out for their prom event and hopes people will come out to learn about human trafficking in the community.

“Human trafficking is very much a thing that is happening right here. We like to think it's happening in big cities, far away from us, but it is not. ENC Stop Human Trafficking/PCC to Stop Human Trafficking is out there doing all they can to fight this, but they need more funding,” Jenkins said.

Melinda Harrell Sampson, the community outreach coordinator for ENC Stop Human Trafficking and a member of the Greenville Jaycees, said the prom is a great way to experience prom again, reminisce on old times, have fun and give back to the community.

ENC Stop Human Trafficking is a local organization which strives to abolish human trafficking in the community. They work on actively responding to human trafficking victims, preventing human trafficking and spreading awareness to the community. The PCC is also funded by ENC Stop Human Trafficking, Sampson said.

“The coalition is actually facilitated by ENC Stop Human Trafficking, so we provide the funding to keep it going. It takes all the agencies in Pitt County to respond, prevent and make people aware of human trafficking, and that is what the coalition is there for,” Sampson said.

According to Sampson, anyone of any age is welcome to attend the prom, but parents bringing their children should keep in mind that the event is being held at a brewery.

Sampson said she hopes this event will reach a bigger audience, giving the Greenville Jaycees and the ENC Stop Human Trafficking the opportunity to speak to community members about what they do and make them aware of human trafficking in Pitt County.

“It’s going to be really fun and you’re going to be having fun and supporting a good purpose. Human trafficking happens in our community. Sex trafficking and labor trafficking is in Pitt County. Why not come out, have a little fun, and give back to an important issue,” Sampson said.

Heather Redd, a resident of Winterville, North Carolina, heard about the event over Facebook. She said she was initially attracted to the event because it was a 90’s themed prom, and she and her husband had both been in high school in the 90’s. Her husband had never been to a prom, and she thought it would be a “great date night.”

Redd looked into the event and realized it was benefiting organizations against human trafficking and decided she would attend, as she thought the cause was important and about people she has come into contact with at her own job.

“I work for PORT Heath, and I realize how many times folks I come into contact with daily could be at risk or have been victims of human trafficking and how often we may encounter victims out in public and never even realize that they needed help,” Redd said. “Awareness is key.”

For more information on the 80’s Baby 90’s Made Me Prom or the Greenville Jaycees, or to purchase tickets online, visit the Greenville Jaycee’s website. For more information on ENC Stop Human Trafficking, visit their website.

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