Axe Games

Nick and Amy Doane hold the Axe Games trophy.

Stumpy’s Hatchet House will open its doors on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. to host its second ever carnival styled Axe Games, an open competition with prizes for all.

Joshua Davis, owner of Greenville’s Stumpy’s, brought the Axe Games to Greenville in hopes to offer people a fun and competitive event outside of their regular tournaments. The Axe Games are for people who want to come out and have fun without worrying about the commitment of a tournament, according to Davis.

“Instead of just throwing at the regular targets the way that we do during our leagues or sporting events, we actually set up each pit to be a different carnival style game,” Davis said. “You get points for each game that you play, and then whoever has the best overall score is going to win a plaque and a gift card.”

Stumpy’s of Greenville is the second Stumpy’s to host the Axe Games, and Davis said he wanted to offer an inclusive event, like their Olympic style games, rather than a smaller tournament setting. Davis wants to offer a new experience to the regulars that come, and he wants to show newcomers what the Greenville community has to offer.

“I’m just trying to build that community of people that want to come experience this (ax-throwing), so I’m trying to give an inexpensive way for them to see it at the funnest level,” Davis said. “I just want them to learn that we are a local place that offers affordable fun for everybody.”

Assistant manager of Stumpy’s, Bryton Abrahams, has worked for Stumpy’s for about a year now, and has been helping people to try to improve and hone their ax-throwing abilities.

“I know we do have a lot of fun, interesting games that kind of explore outside the realm of our normal just coming in and throw a hatchet at the target,” Abrahams said. “It’s a chance to meet new people as well as getting to kind of compete for awesome prizes.”

The games do have a challenging element to them, but they are not geared towards people who are professionals. The Axe Games are made for everyone, regardless of their individual experience levels, according to Abrahams.

Abrahams is looking forward towards the new games that guests can experience that even regulars wouldn’t have experienced before.The games are designed to be new and interesting, and that will be something no one has done before, according to Abrahams.

“I’m always excited to see new people come and get into it (ax-throwing) because it’s something that I feel is really fun and really entertaining,” Abrahams said. “I just look forward to seeing new people come in and try and fall in love with these different scenarios we have going on.”

Local ax-thrower at Stumpy’s, Amy Doane, and her husband were originally drawn to Stumpy’s by pure curiosity, but now they are regulars of the establishment who participate weekly and in the tournaments.

When they first participated, Doane said she was dubious as to her own abilities. She said that she quickly fell in love with the sport, though, and has noticed a significant growth in her performance over time.

Doane and her husband have participated in every league since they first started at Stumpy’s. The pair have both won leagues, and keep coming back for more due to their enjoyment of competition and the workout that is involved, according to Doane.

“If you don’t have a ton of experience, I think it’s a good opportunity to try some different things in an atmosphere that is competitive, but it’s fun,” Doane said. “It’s a good opportunity to learn a little more about what your capabilities could be.”

The event will take place at 3:30 p.m. and will end at 6. Tickets for the Axe Games can be purchased online for $30 through the Stumpy’s of Greenville website under the reservations tab or through their Facebook event page. Tickets can also be purchased at the door for $40.

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