Jessica Barden in her role as Alyssa.

British television series “The End of the F***ing World” season two was released on Nov. 4 and with it, a radical eight episodes of mind bending plot lines and relatable self loathing emotions reappeared.

Based on a short story comic by author Charles Forman and co-produced by Netflix, season one gained massive popularity back in Oct. 2017 after its premiere when a pair of defiant teenagers, James played by Alex Lawther, and Alyssa played by Jessica Barden, met each other during one day at school. After discovering their shared hatred for almost everyone and everything in their lives, the two ditch their stereotypical families and set out for a trip in search of Alyssa’s divorced father. There to help Alyssa along the way, James originally plans to fill his void of emotions by fulfilling his psychopathic tendencies by killing his newfound friend.

After an intense ending of killing off a serial rapist, Professor Clive Koch, played by Jonathan Aris, and nearly losing their own lives, James and Alyssa are forced to go their separate ways and this is exactly where season two picks up. Introducing the audience to a new character, Bonnie, played by Naomi Ackie, we soon learn the backstory of the psychotic romantic background of Professor Koch and is unaware next victim before James and Alyssa came into play.

Finding her way locked up in prison due to her jealous nature toward her new man, Bonnie has no idea when Professor Koch is murder by James when trying to protect Alyssa from facing his wrath. Once Bonnie discovers her new love obsession has been “murder” she sets out for revenge upon her release.

After the story of Bonnie is revealed, along with her newfound plan, the audience finally finds out whether James survives the gunshot he received at the end of season one from a police detective. Spoiler alert, he does. Did you really think Alyssa could survive without him? The audience then finds James learning to recover from his fatal wounds while Alyssa sets off for a new life in the country with her mother and twin siblings after her father decides to leave them. Oddly enough, the twins never reappear in the story again, which is weird being that they are shown as toddlers in episode one of the season.

To cope with what she believes to be the death of James, Alyssa moves on and finds herself a dumbfounded husband of her own to mend the shatters of her heart. The entire series Alyssa carries this look in her eyes which can only be held by someone who’s lost someone they love. Once she remarries, the look never disappears.

James eventually finds his way back to Alyssa to explain his absences with hopes to finally express his true feelings towards her. This moment was extremely frustrating because James has the opportunity to explain to Alyssa the reason behind their forced breakup, but never does until the end of the season.

The way each character’s story intertwines with one another is mind blowing. However, I found myself on the edge of my seat the entire time waiting for the truth to be revealed not only from James but from Bonnie as well. The newly introduced character meets the pair after Alyssa’s wedding ceremony and follows them throughout their new adventure, waiting to seek her revenge at the right moment.

One thing that I noticed with both seasons one and two are the one liners that always find a way to take a jab at your emotions. Whether they are said by James or Alssya, the realization of self hatred, depressive thoughts and heartbreak are toggled between metaphors toward the audience.

Episode eight, the final episode, plays a number of mind games with the audience exposing two alternate endings based on Bonnie’s actions. Without giving too much away I will say James finds his way back into Alyssa’s heart, with a few exceptions.

Rating: 5/5

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