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The traveling company, RnB & Paint, is bringing its Lost in Love tour to Greenville this upcoming Saturday, June 22 at Whirligig Stage.

RnB & Paint, originally from Durham, North Carolina, has been a successful traveling paint and performance company along the East Coast. Now, the company will be coming to Greenville and giving attendees the chance to paint with an instructor while listening to live music from local performers.

“One of our other business partners, Lawrence Mike, used to live in North Carolina and (he) did a lot of work in Greenville and thought it would be a great place to go as we were mapping out our tour for this year,” Wendell Jean-Jules said, one of the RnB & Paint co-owners.

Jean-Jules along with Lawrence Mike and Tolu Akinniran started RnB & Paint in March 2018. They additionally own an event marketing company called Love it or Like it.

Jean-Jules said the team went to seven different cities last year, and in 2019 they have booked a maximum of 20 cities including New York City, Boston, Atlanta and Los Angeles, as well as Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh.

“We also pair up with some non-profits and do a big showcase with them at the end of the year, which is one of our bigger paint nights,” Jean-Jules said.

Jean-Jules listed organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Mission Epilepsy, Big Sister and Music is Life. He said close to 150 people often come to the nonprofit paint nights. The average for a regular paint night is about 50 people, he said.

Depending on the venue, Jean-Jules said the event is often times bring your own alcoholic beverage, but for the event in Greenville, there will be a bar serving wine and beer. The paint nights are strictly a 21 and over event because alcoholic beverages are served.

“There’s not any paint nights that cater with actual live performances instead of music playing, a DJ, or just an instructor and that makes us different with our live bands at all of our events,” Jean-Jules said.

Ticket prices for the paint nights range $30 to $50 based off of what the attendee is trying to paint and depends on the venue as well, Jean-Jules said. Participants can choose from three different paint choices with a host to teach them.

According to other co-owner Tolu Akinniran, there’s something for everyone at paint night. She said those who like to paint or think they’re not good at painting can still come out, have a good time and listen to live performances.

“I was always singing growing up and loved painting and art and express that and show people that and give people the opportunity to express themselves which really solidified why I wanted to do RnB & Paint,” Akinniran said.

Akinniran said they try to make each experience unique for those who come out to their events. She said that they always try their participants feel important by celebrating their birthday and getting a VIP table for them and their friends to sit together, free birthday cakes and artists to sing for them.

The company chooses local artists to be featured at their paint nights such as Uptown Band, Zo Blow, Devon Culture, Sony singer Sam Harmonix, Grammy-nominated artist Imani Pressley and Janelle Symone.

“As an artist, it’s important to have platforms that will highlight local talent that oftentimes go unseen,” singer Janelle Symone said.

Symone said RnB & Paint was her first gig in 2018 and it was the start for both her and the company.

“In the crowded space, I could see the smiles of people who have been waiting for an experience like this,” Symone said. “Since then, I’ve traveled with this amazing group of artists and I’ve been able to live out my dream in part because of Lawrence, Wendell and Tolu.”

All tickets include entry, paint supplies and a pre-selected and pre-sketched canvas. Tickets are purchased online via Eventbrite or on the RnB & Paint website.

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