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Catalogue Connection, a branch of U.B.E., provides Pirate Nation's women with fashionable Pirate gear like this.

With the start of the fall semester, students are returning to campus wearing all the latest styles. Local boutiques and fashion lovers shares their thoughts on popular trends East Carolina University students are currently following.

Family owned boutique, Catalog Connection, branches out as part of the University Book Exchange and, according to their Facebook page, “has evolved into Greenville’s largest women’s boutique offering the widest variety of women’s clothing including: game day, formal-wear, and casual clothing.”

Sales associate at Catalog Connection, Jordi Brick, said she believes the ECU pirates will trade in their traditional purple and gold for more vibrant colors.

“I think people will be wearing animal print. Colors like orange and lavender are in,” Brick said. “Boyfriend jeans and flared jeans are in for guys, and girls like crop tops and bodysuits. Graphic tees are in as well.”

Brick also stated some of the boutiques recent shipments have included non traditional styles of popular clothing items.

“Boyfriend jeans came in, and so have polka dots and snakeskin. I think platform shoes have also become trendy since I’ve been in school too,” Brick said.

Brick suggested that students are uneager to break out of their shell and explore certain fashion trends, due to what she believes is their volatility and busy lifestyle.

“I think students typically wear more basic trends. We cater to more of the basics, and I think that’s what ECU students like to wear. People are more hesitant to catch on to trends,” Brick said.

Receiving her degree in fashion marketing at ECU, wardrobe styling and brand strategist, Angie Martinez, has gained a mass following on her lifestyle blog “Style Me Ang” and Instagram page. Martinze uses both media platforms to share style and beauty tips while creating an outlet to express her creativity.

Martinez said she gathers most of her ideas and style inspiration from what she sees from the world around her and thinks leather is one material that is slowly taking over.

“My main research comes from field study. I go out and see what the retailers are selling before they put them in the stores and what I see is a lot of animal print,” Martinez said. “We see it in anything from skirts to jeans. Snakeskin and two piece sets are also going to be huge. Another thing that’s huge is leather and spice colors too, such as ECU gold.”

Martinez also offered her personal insight as to what trends are beginning to fade from relevance since her time in college that differs from what Brick stated.

“Skinny jeans were huge when I started school, but if you look further, the trend is slowly dying. Crop tops are also fading out,” Martinez said.

Junior fashion merchandising major, Cameron Howard, began her educational career at ECU due to her interest in what she calls “fashion culture.” Howard said she expects to see the new trend of clear plastic handbags.

“Some trends we may see on campus this fall will be clear, plastic handbags, especially for tailgate season. Some designer brands have been releasing this see through bag design recently and will be trending come football season,” Howard said.

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