What It Is vs. What It Should Be

     My life is like a diamond being under pressure for years to become unbreakable. Mistakable with my unyielding will devoted to success for I cannot fail. The position I’m in is not by chance but because my ancestors holding firm when they set sail. No sacrifice is in vain meaning I cannot live a life and be plain; I’m not normal, I’m extraordinary. My skin colored bronze and hair is nappy. I have the presence of a beast with the mind of a philosopher.

      Judged before my voice is heard and killed because a traffic stop occurred. My reality is being stopped because I cannot be the owner of the car I purchased. We live in a world where you can die just from being born with a suntan. I see it clear my vision is not blurred, no bias in my heart just bad blood from history out of my control. I aspire to set the record straight for we all are no different from one another. We are one of the same; humans blessed with the gift of life. Sharing the same goal of prosperity and no amount of negativity can change that.

     I’ve been on this earth twenty-one years and can say with pride I never had strife towards anyone who was undeserving. Don’t judge me on my appearance you don’t know who I am inside. Living the life, I lived would’ve made anyone in my position lose their mind over the stress and disrespect. Belittled because my melanin stating I was different from the rest making my potential be overlooked. Yes, my hands are dirty with scars cutting deep to bone not due to carelessness but only for my hustle of having to work twice as hard for half the rewards I earned.

     Stereotypes will bring out the worst in a person even when we all coexist every day in life. Collaboration is a beautiful thing it provides benefits to all teams. Mistake it by diverting the force to resistance and it stops all motion forward. If we can all be taught to love no different than we have learned to hate, we can all live together and not be profiled getting beat or slain on the streets.

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