I Am Not Afraid. Are You Afraid, Too?

I am afraid.

Afraid that my mind will

always drag me down.

Afraid that one day I will become lost and

never be found.

I am afraid.

Afraid that I will never reach my dreams.

Afraid that one day I will be reduced to

hearing nothing but my own screams.

Can you feel my fear?

Can you feel the fear radiating off of this page?

Can you see me, in your mind’s eye,

writing this poem in my own mental cage?

Does your hand shake when you lift your

finger off of this page to take a breath?

Just as mine did when writing this poem,

dealing with thoughts of death?

Are you afraid, too?

Can you help me,

Help you?

Have you ever crossed your heart and

crossed your fingers?

Hoping, praying, that no one lingers

long enough to question you, why?

Why you do the things that you do,

Even though you know that they think

it too?

Let me help you,

Help me,

Help you.

Do your eyes glaze

As you look into the haze

Of a river, a bridge, the end of the world?

Do you wish to see the Ionosphere,

Looking back through eons, of eons, of


Do you wish to be nothing but ions too?

Let me help you,

Help me.

Do you ever dream of a world beyond the

stars, beyond the stares?

Below to the ground, never to be found?

You don’t care, that they care,

But I care that you care.

Can you help me,

Help you,

Help me?

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