A pure soul walking within the walls of a sinful world

Heart, Mind & Soul

The three things her father instructed her to protect

The three things that were her only responsibility

The three things that were stolen from her.



A precious word,

A powerful word,

A tricky word.

A word that was used as a way

to protect her feelings in his. Her

friend, her boyfriend, her first


Caught up in what being in love

is, her father's words slip out of

her head.

“If you really love me, then you

would…..” A pure soul walking

within the walls of a sinful world.

She was a virgin, but she loved

this man.

She lays there,

Her innocence now exposed to


He smiles, calls her beautiful.

Then smirks like a lion that just

caught his first meal.

He pushed, slammed and forced

his way into her.

She screamed, cried, told him to

stop. Asking herself at the back

of her mind,

“Is this love?”

She fights back, but now in a

situation that she can’t get out

of. He’s on top of her, telling

her that he loves her as tears

are rolling down her face….


A precious word,

A powerful word,

A tricky word.


“If you really love me, then you


She lays there,

Staring at the ceiling,

feeling paralyzed, crying at the

sound of him snoring his way

into a deep slumber. Like most

females, she tries to forget, but

how can one forget such a brutal

experience even after he no

longer is in communication

with her? “Hit and Quit” type of

situation. Her mind now belongs

to depression and loneliness.

Having to walk among her peers

with no clarity to the absence of

her abuser. With her innocence

stripped away. With her smile

that is now a forbidden feature

on the canvas of her lost face.

In Her Mind:


Not Good Enough



Under Appreciated








Just a few words to the

many thoughts in a female's

head. Replaying the night

in her head like a broken

record that can never get

to the next song. She

walks around this world

incomplete, empty, alone.

A Lost Soul...


She goes day by day, hoping that the next

day will get better, but soon she

realizes that her days are just like the

days before. It’s like she no longer has

life in her. Yes, she is physically here, but

mentally, spiritually, emotionally and

sexually she is lost.

“A lost soul, floating within the walls of a

sinful world....”

Every time you lay down with someone,

a soul tide is born. A bond is formed. She

will never forget what her “lover” did

because her soul will not let her forget.

It takes time to heal a wound

It takes time to cover up a scar

It takes time to forgive

It takes time to forget

As a woman who has been through a

traumatic experience, her time to heal is a

valuable one, a precious one.

A time that determines if she

will regain herself again, or

continue to be lost.

“A lost, pure soul walking within the walls of a sinful world.....”

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