Black Men Need Love Too

Would you believe me if I told you that African American men do not get the respect, and love that they deserve from everybody else? Would you believe me if I said that they did get the love they need? African American men have dealt with a lot of oppression and racism throughout human history. It seems that in 2019 things are getting worse and worse with the outlook on black men. You see black men all over being portrayed as thugs, criminals, on top of reports being put out on police brutality. When you get on social media you have people posting gang fights that occured all over the place. Instead of trying to separate or end the conflict, people hype it up and break out their cameras wanting to see our black men kill each other. That is what is portrayed all over the world. What about those little incidents where you have people of other races judge our black men and put them in a stereotypical category that says that they cannot be more than what society says they can be. We say that all men are created equal, but looking at how divided not only the United States but all over the world; that is something some should not believe in. Going to a predominantly white institution and trying to survive in a society that places black men at the bottom of the food chain in terms of opportunities for jobs, promotions, scholarships, you name it and more times than not, black men are not at the top of the list. In a world that has been influenced by technology, social media, and stereotypes, all black men need love too. If everyone did spread that love we all desperately want and need from everyone not just people of one race or another, but literally everyone in the world including our African American brothers, this world would be a much happier place to live in. As stated before our black men need love too at the end of the day.

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