The Big Race

Time keeps coming 

I keep running, time keeps coming

What if my past was the assassin,

pulling the trigger on my future, and killing every one of my dreams

Keeping the attention of every living thing on Earth

I keep running, time keeps coming

My past is clearly behind me, but what if it wasn’t?

Never ending

A lesson I can never master or control,

as complicated as counting each follicle of hair on your head

I keep running, time keeps coming

The one that’s always there

Earth’s heartbeat, ticking and tocking,

From the beginning to the end

I keep running, time keeps coming

My past violently reaches out

pushes and shoves

even tries to trip me,

But I will not fall

I keep running, time keeps coming

My breath fails, my heart pounds

I look back and see

birthday presents that came and went

money spent

clothes I can no longer fit

relationships lost

a capitalist society raising the cost

the dangerous road of technological control

Time keeps coming, that’s its role

I keep running, it takes a tole

My past is pulling me and tugging at my soul

My future is screaming my name and telling me there’s more

Defeating my past is opening a new door


You might ask, why run?

And I’d answer, to pass my past

You might tell me to take a break,

But I just can’t stop my legs from swiftly speeding on

I will pass my past,

I will pass my past,

I just gotta keep moving along

Passing my past and realizing it's me

I am the assassin

I am the one tripping myself over and over

I am the one I see when I look back, yanking and jerking the soul out of my body

Let me go?


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