In All My Glory

My secret is hidden, yet so loud.

One would assume that my secret isn’t legitimate,

But hear me out; it’s real.

My secret is the struggle to love all of me in today’s society.

You see our media is infatuated with Eurocentric

Standards of beauty,

But that’s only a sector of the secret.

The secret also contributes to the self-hatred of

My stretch marks, my rolls, my thighs that rub together,

My arm fat that swings.

What it takes to be a black plus-sized woman in America is…


It takes adjusting your crown even when you look in the

mirror with tears in your eyes.

It takes loving every. single. square. inch.

of your beautiful body.

It takes knowing that intersectionality for you

is already three strikes:

Being black.

Being a woman.

Being a bit on the heftier side.

I’ve learned and I am still learning to love all of me.

Some days, I love me one hundred percent.

Others, I make sure to avoid mirrors and selfies.

My secret is slowly but surely being broken.

I am beautiful, in all of my glory.

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