Master Piece

This is for my grandmother,

creator of life

who sacrificed her fragile frame

to carry this country in her womb

only to be excluded from their notions of perfect pictures

on account of her imperfect figure.

This is for my mother,

tower of strength

who abandoned her own identity

to carry this country on her back

only to be considered inferior by those who built legacies

on her foundation.

This is for me,

pillar of hope

who learned to master peace

to carry this country in the palms of my hands

despite the fact that it has turned its back on us

even after all we’ve done.

This is for my daughter,

agent of change who will remember our struggle

to carry this country into a better tomorrow

and persevere

regardless of the obstacles that lie ahead.

To you:

Don’t let them turn their backs on us.

Build a legacy.

Paint a better picture.

Create a masterpiece.

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