Dan the Man

Former Interim Chancellor Dan Gerlach attends a Pirate football game.

On Friday Morning, a press release from the Greenville Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) was sent to The East Carolinian about their investigation into allegations of police misconduct in relation with the UNC Board of Governors and Dan Gerlach situation.

“The investigation was not rogue and to characterize it as such is a slur against the brave women and men in uniform as well as those who conducted it. We stand for professionalism and very high standards in professional policing and we take our reputation, and the reputation of law enforcement officers very seriously,” Byron Highland, membership and recruitment commitee chair of the Greenville FOP, said.

The press release mentioned several people who were asked to assist in the investigation, including lobbyist and former Raleigh Mayor, Tom Fetzer and other unnamed Board of Governors and East Carolina University Board of Trustees members. The press release said that all of these people had been falsely accused.

The press release said the investigation by the FOP was focused on false accusations of police misconduct. The investigation into this and the investigation into Dan Gerlach were not the same, the press release said.

Attorney Peter Romary is mentioned in the press release as being involved in representing officers prior to this case, and receiving numerous awards on behalf of his work with them.

“He had limited time to conduct an investigation and we also know he was receiving information from current and retired officers as well as friends of officers,” the report said.

The Greenville FOP confirmed in the press release that Romary was not “JohnQPublic,” the anonymous email account that sent out media packages with photo and video of Dan Gerlach and the alleged law enforcement that were with him.

The release has confirmed that there were not two off-duty police officers who were placed to lead Gerlach astray. The release said that the alleged police officers did not spike drinks, nor did they “place” a drunk driver behind the wheel of a car.

“There was no police misfeasance or malfeasance of any kind and any suggestion to the contrary is false. Finally, to suggest that this investigation, purely into allegations of misconduct, was ‘rogue’ or part of a ‘plan of others’ is false and offensive to all concerned; especially to law enforcement,” the release said.

The release mentioned that the only concern of the FOP’s investigation was that Gerlach “confessed early” and still allowed the threats against police officers to continue. The press release said the UNC System allowed the “bad blood and threats” to continue and didn’t correct the lies.

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This is such an interesting news.


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