The fair will open the application period for the newest fire academy recruit’s training process, Academy 13, according to GFR’s Facebook page.

Greenville Fire/Rescue (GFR) Department will be holding a career fair this Saturday to offer information and applications for firefighter and emergency medical technician (EMT) positions in Greenville.

The career fair will take place on June 29 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 3375 E. 10thSt. The fair will open the application period for the newest fire academy recruit’s training process, Academy 13, according to GFR’s Facebook page.

Calvin Horne, a recruitment coordinator for GFR and retired battalion chief, said the fair is being held to fill the available positions for the city. He said there are 20 trainees in the current academy and they hope to hire another 20 to 25 recruits to fill positions which are open due to “attrition and retirement.”

Horne said even though the goal is to gain around 20 to 25 recruits, it may not be that many. He said the largest group they have had in the past was between 22 to 24 students.

The upcoming recruitment fair will “probably” be the last one of the year and there will be another one next year, according to Horne. He said the possibility of another fair depends on the need to fill the positions for upcoming retirements and the new station seven, which is currently being built.

Horne said visitors to the fair will learn about the duties of the GFR team, including fire and emergency medical services (EMS). He said participants will also learn about benefit packages offered through the City, and career opportunities.

“It (the fair) will tell you about the career opportunities we have here at Greenville Fire Rescue,” Horne said. “To include being an apparatus driver, a company officer, fire inspector, fire and life safety educator, an EMT basic and a paramedic.”

Horne said the fair will educate people on getting through the application process and being hired as a trainee in the fire academy. He said applicants who are hired as trainees will be in the fire academy for about 26 weeks from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to complete the course.

Trainees will take classes to prepare them for being a firefighter and an EMT, according to Horne. Classes will include subjects such as tying ropes and knots, trench rescue, extrication, which is the removal of a vehicle from around a person, and EMT certification.

Horne said East Carolina University students are welcome to apply. He said there are only three requirements for people looking to be an applicant at GFR.

“One is to be 18 years of age, two is a valid driver’s license and three is a high school education or GED,” Horne said.

Horne said trainees will be paid beginning the first day of the fire academy, as they are learning.

Horne said, other than attending the career fair, people interested in these positions should contact him directly for more information at

“I’ll sit down with them one-on-one or in a group setting,” Horne said. “And go over what’s expected, what they should expect and what they have to look forward to at a career here at Greenville Fire/Rescue.”

Horne said he is looking for applicants who have honesty, integrity, hard work ethic, people who are able-bodied, ready to learn and face a lot of challenges.

Rebekah Thurston, GFR’s Public Information Officer, said they have a new academy of recruits every year, so they try to hold a recruitment fair in time for the application period to open.

“The fair is to answer any questions people have about the application process itself, or what it’s like to work here, what it’s like to be a firefighter, EMT and familiarize people with the process,” Thurston said.

Thurston said the department wants to stress how people do not need to have any prior experience to become involved. She said GFR is looking for people who are dedicated and who want to serve their community.

Beau Connors, a GFR officer, said he recommends going to the fair to find out more about the jobs being offered and hopes people attend the fair to get a look into what the job is like.

“It’s a great opportunity to receive insightful information, ask questions and meet current employees that represent what we’re all about,” Connors said.

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