ECU Ambassadors

The ECU Ambassadors team.

The 2019-2020 ECU Ambassadors are expected to start the recruitment process for the organization and are continuing to prepare for new, potential ambassadors in the upcoming weeks.

The ECU Ambassadors organization consists of students who work to foster a sense of community, not only on campus but throughout Pitt County and surrounding areas. The organization focuses on service and Pirate pride, according to the ECU Ambassadors website.

ECU Ambassadors was established in 1980 under the Office of the Chancellor and Students Advancement, according to the organization’s website.

AJ Modlin, a junior social work major and president of the ECU Ambassadors Organization, joined the program in 2017 as a freshman student with a hope to get involved on campus and throughout the community. He said this organization was the best way he could give back.

“I decided to join the Ambassadors because I really wanted to give back to the community that has given so much to me. I wanted something that I could promote growth in the community. I wanted to know that I was making an impact,” Modlin said.

Modlin said he wants to grow the ECU Ambassadors organization this year by allowing it to become more noticeable on campus and throughout the community. He said he wants to help other organizations on campus as best as he can and increase community service hours.

“Creating new connections, I think, is very important. Old wheels still work but it never hurts to put new ones in,” Modlin said. “Just making sure that we are promoting our partners and working with our partners but also growing our own selves.”

ECU Ambassadors will host recruitment meetings during the first couple weeks of fall semester for prospective students, according to Modlin. He said the ambassadors are looking forward to meeting new students who are just as excited as them to be a part of this organization.

Xavier Williams, a senior business management major, is the vice president of organizational affairs for the ECU Ambassadors. He is looking forward to the service events that the ECU Ambassadors host during the school year.

Williams gave a brief overview of several service events and opportunities which ECU Ambassadors participate in. He said he loves how being a part of the ambassadors offers many chances to help the community.

“We (ECU Ambassadors) do things like giving tutoring to underprivileged kids at a local middle school, we plan a special populations prom every year for the special populations of Greenville, and (we) give them a good time. We do a lot of great things like that,” Williams said.

Williams said he encourages students to apply to be an ambassador and come to the recruitment meetings they will be hosting during the semester.

“I encourage students to apply because it is the best way for you to get out there and kind of see what is going on,” Williams said. “Because we have our hand involved in so many things, you get to learn about everything that is going on on campus.”

Julia Maggio, a senior psychology and criminal justice major, is the ECU Ambassadors Parliamentarian. She joined the organization in 2017 as a freshman and also encourages and hopes fellow students will do the same.

Maggio said she has noticeable enthusiasm and love for the organization. She said she enjoys how she gets to be involved throughout campus and gets to meet many different people.

“I have met all of my best friends through (ECU) Ambassadors. That’s my home away from home. It’s what made me fall in love with ECU,” Maggio said. “They do so much work with the Dean of Students and athletics. We are involved with everything, so you get to know more about ECU.”

The first recruitment meeting for the ECU Ambassadors will be held on tonight at 7 p.m. in Hendrix Theater.

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