The Jolly Roger

New student housing development The Jolly Roger under construction.

A new apartment building is currently under construction near East Carolina University’s campus, named the Jolly Roger student apartments, which is projected to open in Fall 2021.

Dewitt Carolinas, the developer involved with the apartment complex, broke ground on the site for the building on Oct. 3, with members from WIMCO and TA Loving, the general contractors of the project.

Everett Daniels, Dewitt Carolinas president, said Jolly Roger originated as just an idea. After a few years of perfecting design, corresponding with the city of Greenville and finalizing general contractors, the vision became a reality, according to Daniels.

“We were happy to officially break ground on this project,” Daniels said. “We plan to open in the fall of 2021, so about 22 months from now we’ll be open and we couldn’t be more excited about it.”

Daniels said vertical construction on the building, which is located at the corner of Charles Boulevard and 14th Street, is expected to begin at the end of October. Jolly Roger student apartments will be located across from The Province apartment complexes.

There are expected to be 294 units in the finished building, which will accommodate 804 bedrooms for incoming students, Daniels said. He said the parking deck will have 698 spaces.

Amenities for the apartment complex will include individual and group study rooms, rooftop terraces, lounge areas with wide-screen TV’s and a rooftop pool on top of the parking deck which allows for grassy areas around the building, according to Daniels.

“Putting the pool on top of the parking deck allowed us a good deal of green space on the project, which we always like to try to do which is not always possible,” Daniels said. “We’ve got some really nice ground-level green space that will be an outdoor amenity area.”

Daniels said the entire building will resemble a dorm at ECU, with electronic key-fob access for the main building as well as for each unit. He said there will be around 200 security cameras on-site to ensure safety for students who live in the residence.

The building itself will be constructed out of steel and concrete, which is non-combustible in the case of fires, provides a sturdy foundation for the apartment and makes the building quieter for residents.

Daniels said there is a substantial number of people working on the project who are involved with ECU, many being graduates of the university, including himself.

Daniels said he graduated from ECU in 2007 with a degree in construction management. He said WIMCO and TA Loving have an executive team and on-site management team consisting of 13 people, nine of which graduated from ECU.

“There’s a banner where we put ‘built by pirates for pirates’ that’s a big part of where that came from so we’re proud of that and that meant a lot to me with ties to ECU,” Daniels said. “I love ECU so getting those guys on board and having a lot of pirates on site, it’s just a cool thing.”

PJ Connelly, mayor of Greenville, said he attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the Jolly Roger apartment complex. He said the ceremony provided an opportunity for celebration on the start of the project and allowed people to meet the contractor and show their ties to ECU.

“The contractors that are going to be working on the job are East Carolina University graduates,” Connelly said. “So it was a good opportunity to show that Pirates will be working on this project.”

Connelly said the Jolly Roger apartment complex will be within walking distance to ECU for students who commute to the university. He said there are also a variety of businesses and restaurants within walking distance.

Ivette Depaz, a senior business administration major, said she lived in a similar complex near ECU’s campus with modern amenities and key-fob security. She said she thinks the Jolly Roger student apartments will be a good fit for students looking for security and luxury amenities.

“It sounds like it’s going to be a nice place for those students that want to have peace of mind while living off campus,” Depaz said. “Students who are new to the university will definitely love all of the amenities.”

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