Christmas in July

Christmas in July donation box

Great Harvest Bread Company’s annual ‘Christmas in July’ special begins today through July 27, bringing a winter wonderland to the Greenville community.

The bakery has recreated a winter holiday atmosphere, which includes an array of Christmas music and a chance to win gift baskets, gift cards and free loaves of bread, to sponsor and support a local food bank.

Great Harvest Bread Company, located at 2803 Evans St, will host its third ‘Christmas in July’ to provide extra assistance to a local organization, Hope of Glory Ministries, by holding a food drive in exchange for free loaves of bread.

‘Christmas in July’ begins when the bakery opens at 6:30 a.m. today and will last through 5:30 p.m. on July 27. Customers who bring in five non-perishable and non-expired items for the food bank will receive a free loaf of honey whole wheat or farmhouse white bread.

Gabe Farrer, bakery manager at Great Harvest Bread Company, said he is excited about the return of the annual event. Farrer said for guests who are familiar with their holiday menu, some of their favorite breads and sweets will be making a return to the summer menu for the next few days.

“We usually have our Christmas tree up here in the front window decorated with lights. We’ll also put up different wreaths and various tinsels and things around throughout the bakery,” Farrer said. “We also will decorate the bakery so it has a Christmas look to the place and then we’ll also play Christmas music so it kind of gives the ambiance.”

Farrer said community members who truly enjoy the holiday flavors and unique tastes will be able to enjoy this particular week in July where the menu is re-stocked with speciality items which are only served throughout the traditional holiday season. He said it gives community members a chance to enjoy a kind of “mid-way point” that marks now until the holiday season returns.

“We’ll be doing a cranberry orange bread, our white chocolate cranberry swirl, the peppermint bark brownies and then our ginger cookies will be across the three days,” Farrer said.

Farrer said as a business, it is a unique opportunity for the company to engage with the community. Great Harvest Bread Company prides itself on being able to not only provide a great atmosphere from within the store but to also be a conduit between people who have a need and people who have means, according to Farrer.

Farrer said there is no limit to the amount of canned goods a customer can bring in to exchange for a free loaf of bread.

“As a thank you from us as a business, for anybody who takes part in the event, for every five items that they donate, they can exchange those for a loaf of honey wheat or farmhouse white bread here at the bakery,” Farrer said.

Farrer said ‘Christmas in July’ is a positive way for Great Harvest to say thank you to its customers and also provide a unique chance for new and old customers to try out new bread selections, all the while giving back to the community through donations.

“As they give to the community, we give to them, so it’s a happy circle. We’ve done this every year since we’ve opened and we’ve been open three years,” Farrer said.

Farrer said Great Harvest Bread Company held a very successful food drive for a different organization in Greenville last year and decided to chose Hope of Glory this year. Farrer said the organization provided Great Harvest Bread Company with some of its pantry needs and are hoping to build up about 10,000 non-perishable items to benefit the Greenville community.

According to Farrer, the primary function of the event is to be a food drive, a way for Great Harvest Bread Company to actively live out a part of their mission statement, which is to “give generously.”

“Whether it’s our non-profit of the month program or special events like this, it’s a unique way where we can bring together different segments of the community to help benefit someone that has a need,” Farrer said.

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